Sunday, September 30, 2007

Update with Pictures

As promised, I made it up to the studio to take pictures today.

Here's a run down....

RJ and Heidi's room: base boards need installed, door facing needs installed

Bathroom: NEEDS CLEANED! all other rennovations to it will wait until we actually move in

Reception area: base boards need installed, touch up any areas with paint that needs it

Waiting area: base boards need installed, touch up any areas with paint that needs it

Shooting area: flooring needs installed, base boards need installed, muslin tracking needs installed

Networking room: flooring needs installed, shelving needs installed.

Now especially from the picture of the shooting room, it seems like there is TONS left to do, but in reality there's not that much. All of the flooring will be laid by mid week, and the moldings will be installed along with the door casings on Friday. Rick will do misc. things on Saturday and then we will begin bringing the furniture/equipment up a little at a time. This next week is going to be crazy.
I'll post more pictures as things move along. (We should be getting more adorable little furniture for RJ/Heidi's room on Monday).

On a side note: It's 2:01 a.m. as I'm typing this. Rick and I don't sleep much. It's not something that we try to do, but it's something that in our lives at this point is neccessary. We would rather play with the kids and have me stay home with them all day. Since I don't have work hours of 8-5, I have to make that up at some point. That some point is usually after bedtime for the kids.

While, I am used to it and my schedule has adjusted, poor Rick still has to be at work in the mornings. He is being pulled in so many directions, between his job, working on rennovations at the studio, and helping me fill orders. Our desks are on opposite corners of the room. I looked over a few mintues ago, to say, "Aren't you going to bed soon?" and I was met with a snore. Too funny.

I suppose I'll wake him up so his neck doesn't hurt tomorrow.