Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Studio Update

I haven't updated about the studio in a few days.... and I just realized I had never posted the picture of the SOLD sign.


I don't like putty'ing, sanding, or painting primer on walls. I don't like taking baseboards off, or electrical outlet covers.

All that is however done. I have never worked so hard to get something done. (and if my friend Amanda wouldn't have helped paint, I still wouldn't be done.) Rick was very pleased though!

The lumber yard is delivering lumber bright and early at 8 a.m. for the walls that we are building. Then Rick and Dad will get started tomorrow night building walls for RJ and Heidi's room and the wall to my shooting area. And the walls for the furnace room.

I decided tonight though that I want laminate flooring down instead of the icky 1970's carpet, so it looks like we'll be doing that now too.

I think that my October 1st goal is too ambitious. I'm revising it to November 1st and hopefully I'll surprise myself by getting done early.

I'm going shopping for shelves and blinds, and light fixtures next Thursday the 20th. Hopefully laminate flooring and new doors will be purchased by Monday.

More updates to come.


Oh, and Cliff Kincade is the most wonderful person on earth. My air conditioner wouldn't kick on, so he came up to save me. It took him 3 seconds. Photo Graphics loves Cliff.