Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2 on the High Seas

Another few pictures that i forgot to post in the previous post....

They took our pictures as we boarded the shipDay 2 we woke up in the Bahamas. Bathing suits were immediately on and we were out the door.None of us really had much desire to get off the boat at Nassau so we planned for fun on the ship all day.

We started our day off by saying hi to Goofyand Chip and DaleThe Mickey Pool was nearly emptyStopping for a quick fruit snackSoon we headed over to the Goofy pool to watch the Little MermaidMy Favorite! DAISYAfter we saw Daisy, I noticed there was no line for the hair braiding service on the ship. Heidi wanted to get braids all over head. We compromised and got 2. :) They finished them in about 20 seconds.And Heidi LOVED them.The Oceaneers Club was having a cooking school that the kids wanted to attend. We headed up to deck 5 for some bakingI snuck in before it was over to see them making cookiesAnd they got to eat their creationsThen MORE swimmingWe were on the ship when the new Pixar movie UP premEARed so we were able to watch it in 3d on the ship. we got dressed and headed down to the walt disney theatreWe stopped for a quick picture with Russell (from UP) before we headed in.Rick sporting his 3d glasses and his goofy shirt. :)Heidi refused to be photographed in herswaitresses walked around in case we needed anything. A Sunken Treasure. mmmmmmmAfter the movie, we played Bingo while Rick relaxedAnd by relax I mean this. (notice the beer mug on his chest)The Pirates IN the caribbean party was taking place this night so the entire ship was deckd out in pirates. We had to break out our pirate earswith Captain Jack SparrowThe kids were wanting to attend something in the Oceaners Club during our dining room time, so we ordered room serviceand then hit the arcadeBefore Rick and I headed to dinner we had some pictures taken in the lobby. I just love all of these.....(look really close to what Rick is wearing....he had had a bit to drink. I told him to wear something nice. He does. A polo shirt. TUCKED INTO SWIM TRUNKS. nice)After dropping the kids off at the Club for a pirate activity, Rick and I headed to dinner at Parrot CayJust a few minutes into dinner, our pager went off. Heidi wanted to be picked up from the Club. Rick went to pick her up and asked her why, she said that they were wanting her to stand to do stuff and she really was tired of standing.....fair enough. So our waitress brought her dinner too.While we were waiting on the Pirates IN the Caribbean party to start, I just walked around admiring the lobbyThen up to Deck 9 to watch the Party and the fireworks.After the party, it was almost midnight. A little elephant was there to wish us sweet dreams. I think we were all asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

We were all looking forward to our next day of the cruise where we would be visitng Disney's private island.