Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miss Diva

I took Heidi with me to my nail appt this week.

Kathy was kind enough to give Heidi the special treatment and paint her nails and add a little jewel to one of them. Heidi loves them and stares at them all the time.

She is already talking about what she wants done in 2 weeks when we go back. She LOVED the nail dryer!

Thanks Miss Kathy!



Play Date

Jack invited Heidi over to play this past Thursday. Heidi had such a good time!

I enjoyed visting with Sarah, and we noticed a few different things......

Jack thinks Heidi is RJ's girlfriend......Jack is a superstar when it comes to basketball.....and Heidi is a big cheater at Lucky Ducks.

Thanks for having us over Jack, we can't wait to do it again!



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pre-K open house

RJ is finishing his 2nd week of Kindergarten. While he enjoys going, Heidi is not so happy about it. She just hasn't been herself these last 2 weeks. I am hoping that Pre-K starting will give her something to look forward to. She starts Tuesday at St Thomas.

Wednesday was the Open HouseWe got to meet the teachers and see all of the bulletin boardsNow while I understand that alot of names are spelled unusually, Heidi is pretty cut and dry. I didn't actually fix it on the bulletin board, but this is what I wanted to do....Heidi got to play with Miss Lilly. I am so excited that they will be in class together!Heidi got to play and explore the classroom for about an hour. RJ enjoyed himself too!



Friday, August 22, 2008

More Misc.Cuteness

More snapshots that made me sad that the kids are growing up so fast.......It always irritated Rick so bad when I put a dress or a bow on RJ and took his picture. I still think they are hilarious.



Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Born Fan

Football season is getting close.....we're 3/4 of the way through our exhibition preseason games and Sunday September 7th is almost here.

Rick and I will be attending that first game of the season (bears vs. colts @ indianapolis), along with 3 others this year.

Super exciting.

A little back history.......RJ and Heidi are Bears fans too. Because they have never known any different. But once you are a Bears fan, A TRUE Bears fan, you'll never be a fan of any other team. Even if a player you love, plays for another team, or gets traded to another team. You'll always be true to the Orange and Blue. So we aren't worried, we know they'll grow up to love the Bears as much as we do..

Just to be funny when RJ was just a few weeks old, we took his picture in the recliner at home in his Bears jersey. We also had a Favre jersey (gag) as a prank, so we thought we'd take his picture with him crying.

Here's the funny part.....I had every intention of making him cry for the picture, but I DIDN'T HAVE TO! As soon as we put it on him, he BURST into tears and wouldn't stop.

Can't say that I blame him, I would have cried too! Our kids were born fans!



Best Friends

RJ going to Kindergarten had me going through all of my old photo albums (all 40 or so of them!)

RJ and Heidi are just the best of friends and for the most part always have been. I've been told this isn't normal. :) wonderful, but not normal.

These were some snapshots that I came across that were so cute. They grow so fast.....(excuse, the bad was faster to scan them, than dig out the digital files.)