Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Born Fan

Football season is getting close.....we're 3/4 of the way through our exhibition preseason games and Sunday September 7th is almost here.

Rick and I will be attending that first game of the season (bears vs. colts @ indianapolis), along with 3 others this year.

Super exciting.

A little back history.......RJ and Heidi are Bears fans too. Because they have never known any different. But once you are a Bears fan, A TRUE Bears fan, you'll never be a fan of any other team. Even if a player you love, plays for another team, or gets traded to another team. You'll always be true to the Orange and Blue. So we aren't worried, we know they'll grow up to love the Bears as much as we do..

Just to be funny when RJ was just a few weeks old, we took his picture in the recliner at home in his Bears jersey. We also had a Favre jersey (gag) as a prank, so we thought we'd take his picture with him crying.

Here's the funny part.....I had every intention of making him cry for the picture, but I DIDN'T HAVE TO! As soon as we put it on him, he BURST into tears and wouldn't stop.

Can't say that I blame him, I would have cried too! Our kids were born fans!




hncfarley said...

Someone call DCFS!!! Lindemann's are torchering their kids and some would say "brainwashing" them.
(Not me because I don't follow football)

amberlindemann said...

Oh, it's not brainwashing, if it's the right thing to think......


you'll have to come over some sunday farley's.....we'll get you hooked!