Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

RJ wanted to be Spiderman. Not Red Spiderman, or Black Spiderman. The mean Black Spiderman "Venom". He is so excited and jumps around and drives us insane in his suit. He makes these weird little noises that is apparently venom talking. He really has put alot of thought into it. He's very creative.

I got to shop for Heidi's outfit because, well let's face it....she's easily convinced about anything.

Allow me to scream it from the roof top, I LOVE BITTY BABY by American girl. I LOVE the matching clothes. I knew that I shouldn't have had a girl. :)

I couldn't decide what I wanted Heidi to be, so she is both a butterfly and a princess. She and baby Sally will change halfway through the night.

She is just so cute.

Happy Trick or Treating......




My DSL is back!

I usually don't have a complaint about Verizon. My blackberry has fantastic service and I never get dropped calls.....the house phone works perfectly, internet is always working, DSL has fast connection and never loses connections, BUT COME ON!

I called last tuesday and had our service transferred. They were fast as lightning to turn it off at home, but just now turned it on here at the studio! 7 days. 7 days is a long time. 7 days is ridiculous, when I can't function with our website without it.

I have been busy editing behind the scenes even though I haven't been able to post them so and tons of shoots and a wedding or two should be posted in the next day or two.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hannah and Little E

My neice and nephew moved to Effingham in August (I think it was August). I miss seeing them all the time. My kids miss them too.

I fuss at my sister all the time for not bringing them in for portraits. She knows I'd do them anytime and it's seriously been a year. She called me tonight to see if she could come over. I happily agreed.

I needed to give Little E (eli) his birthday present anyway, so it all worked out great.

We had a lot of fun goofing off. I love picking on Hannah, and deep down she loves it too. Actually I think she hates it and probably hates me for it, but it's still fun.

They all liked the new studio though. Then we did a cousin picture which we are doing every year now for my mom and dad.

All in all a good day. Oh and the Bears won. GO CHICAGO! nevermind. It was a GREAT day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RJ and Heidi

While I wish the fall weather was a little bit more fallish.....I took the kids out for a quick shoot.

Even though the temperature is still summer and the trees and leaves are winter, I had my eye on a place to take the kids.

Of course I think they're cute. Cheesy but cute.


Monday, October 15, 2007

We're IN, We're IN, We're FINALLY IN !!!!

Wow, it was really hard, but for the most part we're in. We are functional anyway and most of the samples are on the walls.

We started the move last Wednesday night and are finally pretty much done. I'm posting some pictures, but will post more as things come together even more., oh and I'm posting the very first picture that I took here, which of course would be my kids on a pink backrop. (?)

My samples and frames arrived on Friday and so now I feel like I'm at home.

I even spent the night up here working last night. We have a sofa bed and the kids fell asleep about 10 p.m. so I thought, well I may as well let them sleep, so I kept working, and they kept sleeping. I got a ton done.....this is going to be SO NICE!

If you currently have an order in house with us, you should be getting a call in the next few days up to about a week from now letting you know it's here. I appreciate everyone's patience during the move.

More to come......


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

School Pictures

I just happened to be the school photographer for the 2nd year in a row at the school that RJ and Heidi attend in Olney.

Here are their "school pictures" for the year.

I didn't fuss at them or keep them from making goofy faces. I also let them dress themselves that moring. RJ was so proud of his smile. He kept telling everyone who would listen about his "fantastic picture smile". He tried so hard.

I love that making me happy with "good" smiles is so important to him.



Halloween Portrait Night October 31, 2007

Photo Graphics will be hosting it's 3rd annual Halloween Portrait Night on Newton's trick or treat night.

Feel free to stop into the studio at 100 Sycamore Street during Newton's trick or treat appointment needed.

No session fees, just your kids in their adorable costumes. Can't wait to see them.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bears 27 Packers 20

The Bears started the first quarter of the season off on the wrong foot. I haven't blogged about it much lately, not because they weren't winning, but because after throwing the remote and screaming at our offense coordinator, I was just not in the mood to think about the game and how we self destructed each time.

Tonight the Bears shut the Packers down, or the "hackers" as RJ calls them.

The Bears played well in the 2nd half. Charles Tillman had some key takeaways, while Urlacher had a key interecption.

I did not enjoy watching the game though.

We were playing Sunday Night Football which is televised on NBC. To start the game you get to see Faith Hill dressed poorly while butchering the SNF theme song. Not cool.

Then there's Jon Madden. I dislike this man more than any other man in football for sure. And those of you that know me, know that Bill Belichik, Mike Holgreme, Bill Parcels, Dick Jauron, etc., have always ranked very highly on my dislike list. But Jon Madden takes the cake.

I think that he must get paid every single time he utters "Bret Favre". That can be the only explanation.

Now, Bret Favre is a fantastic quarterback. One of the best of all time. He deserves credit, but he's human and he makes mistakes. Costly ones. He helped Chicago win the game tonight. He's a risk taker. An arrogant risk taker. Which 75% of the time, makes him great. but only 75%.

He deserves his Hall of Fame slot that he will no doubt get.

The day Favre retires, Jon Madden will start rallying to get his name on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Instead of admitting that Favre can make mistakes just like anyone else, and admitting that the man is getting ready to be 40 years old, Jon Madden makes excuses.

He actually uttered the words....."Maybe the heat affected Favre"......of course it was the heat. Couldn't have been Chicago's defense. Must have been the heat. Nice.

Long live the mighty Chicago Bears. Not so much Jon Madden.


Friday, October 5, 2007


My kids love sloppy joes. Rick does too. I'm a pretty big fan myself.

Only thing is....we go in to make them and we have meat, sloppy joe stuff in a can, but do we have buns. Of course not. I really don't like having to go to the grocery store for one little thing.

So, little sloppy joe casseroles were born.

I just made these for the first time about 10 minutes ago and they are a HIT!

We took biscuits and smashed them and put them in muffin tins, added the sloppy joe, cheese and baked and the muffin puffs up around it and it's the cutest little thing ever.

We love them and will make them again. If you attend any type of party at the Lindemann house in the future, I'm guessing you're gonna see these little guys.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Lil' Witches

I went to pick up RJ and Heidi from school today and they weren't there!!!!! (gasp), but a couple little witches were. I picked two at random and brought them home.

One had curly hair so I picked that one. Another one kept giggling, so I took it too.

I got lucky, I think I picked 2 pretty cute ones!



Another Update

The floor is completely installed! Hooray! The kids are so happy about that. Now they can walk anywhere they want and they don't have to cover their ears when the saw is going. :)

Baseboards and door casings are the last major thing to be installed, which is being done on Friday. Cox Brothers will be fixing the driveway next week and Judy McClure will be installing our sign early next week.

Then it's just a matter of moving things in and organizing them how we want them.

We have an official move in date of October 11th/12th, so we'll be open for business on the 13th, which is SO EXCITING!!!!

A great big Thank You to Gary Lindemann who helped Rick lay flooring last night and also who grated our driveway where a semi had left ruts. THANKS GARY!!!!

More update pictures to follow as we move more furniture in.


Charles & Kristina August 25, 2007

I was looking forward to Charles and Kristina's wedding. I had shot their engagment pictures as well as portraits for some of Kristina's family in the year leading up to their wedding.

Charles was so funny, so I knew his bridal party would be fun.....and they were.

I got to shoot in a beautiful church that I hadn't shot in before, which is something I always look forward too.

They were laid back and fun to be around all day, and they had a really FUN reception. I usually have to really look for things to photograph at a reception, but not this one! There was always something happening!

Charles and Kristina, I truely feel honored that you chose us to capture your day. I wish you both the best!!!