Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our office will be closed Wednesday May 27, 2009 - Friday May 29, 2009. We will reopen again Monday June 1st.

We will be sailing the high seas with Mickey and the gang and enjoying Disney's private island.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

I think both kids had a fun weekend, even though we were either on the run, or they were at work with me, or at work with Rick.Sunday I took them with me on a shoot I did for friends. They had so much fun playing at all of the different locations that we stopped at along the way.....RJ hit paydirt and found both worms and toads!We installed a fence over the weekend at the studio. I am thrilled. Now I don't have to worry about the kids getting too close to the highway!It also made a perfect play to play with the sprinkler toys



Friday, May 22, 2009

Rodney's ready for vacation!

Just an update on my post about Rodney's mouse ears hat.....

I was so excited, I came home and made him a shirt too! Now he's all set!



Trisha Mason is Super Talented

Trisha Mason is a friend of mine. If you follow our business website, you may recognize the name Karic....he is her "super cutie" son.

She has recently started her own crafting business.....

She is so super talented. I had her make my kids memory boxes. (she had made some for my friend Sarah and I just had to had to have some too!
The thing I love about Trisha is you can just call her and she will do her best to make it happen.

After thinking about things, I called Trisha earlier this week.

Rodney needs a memory box. After all he has his clothes, his Elton John shirt, his Chicago Bears jersey, his sombrero from Mexico..... I will post a picture of the finished project when I get it. (she has something super special planned for it)

I also had another request for her. After explaining the story of Rodney and who he was/how he came to become such an important part of our family, Trisha set off to make my request a reality.

She finished and dropped off my item moments ago......

Rodney's very own Mickey Mouse Ears!

Thanks Trisha! You are the best!


RJ's favorite time of year.....

This is RJ's favorite time of year! When you can just go outside and catch a baby toad. :)

Heidi wanted to keep it so bad, but we managed to convince her to let it go.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heidi's Pre-K Program

Heidi had her Pre-K program today at St Thomas......

She had worked so hard on all of her songs and she looks "oh so cute!"Heidi isn't into hand movements like her brother, but she sure did know all the words!Rocking Out with her guitarGiving us a wink at the end of the showGetting her diploma...(even though she'll go to pre-k again next year since her birthday misses the cutoff)Posing for a picture with their diplomasHeidi and her best friend Lily Biermanand with her teacher Mrs BergbowerEnjoy a small video clip. The end is the best........


Monday, May 18, 2009

Billy Joel / Elton John

I LOVE Billy Joel......seriously can't get enough of him. Elton John too. Man oh man, can they play the piano!

Rick surprised me with tickets (that I asked for and sent him the link to) So last Thursday we headed to St Louis to watch the legends in concert together


We arrived and got to walk past all of the gay protestors that were baracaded off to the side.....honestly, who didn't know that when they bought tickets? come on....

Cameras weren't allowed so I don't have pictures. I have a couple videos of the jumbo tron, but only tiny dancer would load. I'll work on piano man.....

When the show started, the pianos raised from under the stage. The show lasted 4 hours with them playing together, then Elton John, then Billy Joel, then ending together.

So many highlights

Only the Good Die Young
Always a Woman to Me
Anthony's Song
River of Dreams
We didn't start the fire
Tiny Dancer
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Candle in the Wind
Piano Man

It was hands down the best concert I've ever been too......thank you Rick for sitting through it, altough I know deep down you loved it too!

Outside the venue

We stopped at the Waffle House (woo hoo) on the way home...Rodney took our pictureWe bought Rodney a shirt while we were there....He's slept in it every night since.

RJ's Kindergarten Program

RJ's Kindergarten class put on their end of the year patriotic program on Friday.

He was so excited. He got up early and I even cooked him eggs (he usually eats breakfast at school).

Rick and I both took off work and headed to his school in the afternoon.

He has outgrown the "wave when you see your parents stage", but he definetly saw us and sent a smile our way.

The program started with a parade around the playground and then the festivities headed to the gym....I don't remember the names of all the songs, but RJ started out pretty calm. He was singing like everyone else....Then he started to sing louder.....and more energetically....And then the hand movements. :)

I love these pictures. RJ told me in the car that he added them for "effect".

This was "and I'll gladly stand UP next to you" during "Proud to be an American"And another..... :)And the point to the flag....This was "This land is your land" .....Pointing directly at us in the audience.And making sure he has his torch as high as he possibly can.
I'm pretty sure that RJ will be in chorus when he gets the chance.

You did a great job RJ! We were super proud of you!