Sunday, May 3, 2009

Plant a Tree

I was pretty excited for Arbor Day.....I knew RJ would be bringing home a tree. That was my favorite part of Arbor Day when I was growing up. Although, I don't remember if any of our trees ever survived the lawn mower.

RJ showing off his River Birch the day he brought it home.I was shocked to see that they didn't wrap the roots in a wet paper towel. We were worried that the roots were dead, but we got down to business putting our tree into the ground.RJ read all the instructions, and scouted out all of the perfect spots to put his new tree.And the digging began.RJ found this gigantic worm in the ground. Heidi was inside taking a nap, so RJ decided to mess with her and take a picture that looked like he ate the worm. When she saw it, she cried. We had to tell her the truth.It was so big though that I am sure it would have made a tasty meal for a bird.Putting a piece of fabric around the tree so Rick won't mow over it.The finished project.

RJ was so proud. He waters it every day and it has even grown 8 leaves.