Saturday, March 7, 2009

Remember When?

Ahhhhh, The Good Ole' Days

Remember when CVS was Revco..,...keep going back.....Remember when it was Hooks?

We do!

I'm cleaning off the dining room table tonight and stumbled upon this little gem. It expired in 1992! 17 years ago.

This is why when Rick and I got married, I insisted on throwing out most of his "stuff".

Putting this into perspective.

Rick and I got married in 1999, and yet he felt the need to start our married life with meds that were 7 years past expiration.

Rick and I moved to our house in 2000. He had yet another chance to throw it away, but instead chose to move it back to it's "home county"

Miss Kaitlin is 18, this expired 17 years ago!!!!!!!!

I have no idea how he hid this from me in our 10 years of marriage. The only thing I can think of is that he has had it in his poket this whole time.

And worse yet, it was on the table, like it had been used. RIP 17 year old anti-itch cream. It's about damn time someone put you out of your misery.



[hanging head in shame]

I can not believe that I haven't finished posting Disney pics yet.....

on my to do list this week. :)