Sunday, September 30, 2007

Update with Pictures

As promised, I made it up to the studio to take pictures today.

Here's a run down....

RJ and Heidi's room: base boards need installed, door facing needs installed

Bathroom: NEEDS CLEANED! all other rennovations to it will wait until we actually move in

Reception area: base boards need installed, touch up any areas with paint that needs it

Waiting area: base boards need installed, touch up any areas with paint that needs it

Shooting area: flooring needs installed, base boards need installed, muslin tracking needs installed

Networking room: flooring needs installed, shelving needs installed.

Now especially from the picture of the shooting room, it seems like there is TONS left to do, but in reality there's not that much. All of the flooring will be laid by mid week, and the moldings will be installed along with the door casings on Friday. Rick will do misc. things on Saturday and then we will begin bringing the furniture/equipment up a little at a time. This next week is going to be crazy.
I'll post more pictures as things move along. (We should be getting more adorable little furniture for RJ/Heidi's room on Monday).

On a side note: It's 2:01 a.m. as I'm typing this. Rick and I don't sleep much. It's not something that we try to do, but it's something that in our lives at this point is neccessary. We would rather play with the kids and have me stay home with them all day. Since I don't have work hours of 8-5, I have to make that up at some point. That some point is usually after bedtime for the kids.

While, I am used to it and my schedule has adjusted, poor Rick still has to be at work in the mornings. He is being pulled in so many directions, between his job, working on rennovations at the studio, and helping me fill orders. Our desks are on opposite corners of the room. I looked over a few mintues ago, to say, "Aren't you going to bed soon?" and I was met with a snore. Too funny.

I suppose I'll wake him up so his neck doesn't hurt tomorrow.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun Promotion

So, I had a thought. It made me laugh. I decided that I'll give it a shot.

I'm going to run a promotion from now until ?.

I'll call it...... "My Trade Up Promotion".

We've all done it.....we've all taken our kids to a commercial portrait studio for portraits. You arrive and they are running 45 minutes late. You and your child who is neither hungry or tired because you HAD AN APPOINTMENT, has to sit and watch other parents not make their kids behave while they wait. Your child wants to get down and join the horrible behavior, because well, they're a kid. And because you won't let them they start to get mad.

After the "photographer"/chain smoker finally gets around to telling you it's your turn, your child is no longer willing to be photographed. (And honestly who could blame them). You get in the "studio"/4 footx4 foot room and your kid is screaming because it has to sit on a 2x2 foot table, while you can not move one inch from the bright orange X that is printed on the uncomfortable stool.

They force you to pick a mediocre pose and then sucker you into buying $140 worth of bad pictures because face it, if you didn't you'd feel like a bad parent. After all the "photographer"/chain smoker thinks that they are the most adorable pictures in the world. And really who wouldn't think that a picture in front of a tire swing or with Shrek peeking through the window wouldn't be a timeless portrait for your wall? :)

Then you get your portraits back and they are BAD. Just Bad, embarrased to pass them out bad.

So, my promotion is.....If you bring me your "recent" bad 8x10's of your child, you can have a free 8x10 of your choice from us. It's as easy as that. Just bring it in, and I'll keep yours, you can keep the new one.

And I promise that Shrek won't be in mine!


Moving Along

Things are really starting to come together at the new studio. While we aren't going to make it by my overzealous move-in date of October 1st, I am hoping now to be in sometime in the 8-13th range.

While I haven't taken my camara the last couple times I've been up there working, I thought I'd go ahead and post a progress report and then post some pictures tomorrow evening.

On Friday, Ron Diel hung all of the molding along the ceilings (which look FANTASTIC!!!) Thanks Ron!

Friday, Cliff Kincaid made a return trip up to visit us, to run 3 new outlets and reroute a light and add a light switch, and install a thermostat. Thanks Cliff!

My dad spent the better portion of today hanging doors. 2 interior doors and an exterior door. Thanks Dad!

Rick's been busy laying the flooring and is already almost half done with the entire building. :)

I have to say, it looks SO GREAT! I wasn't sure that I'd like the flooring since it wasn't the same thing as we had laid in our house, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Our sign should be installed somewhere around the 1st and our parking lot is scheduled to be grated in the next couple days.

The reception desk will hopefully be starting being assembled on Monday. Some of RJ and Heidi's furniture is already assembled and in their room, and the rest will be arriving Monday.

I have started my "samples" list, trying to decide what prints to hang on the walls, which is actually ALOT harder than one might think.

I'll post pictures to go along with the updates tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Closer

I am sick. Very very sick. RJ is sick. Heidi is sick. Rick is fine. (figures)

Good thing he's healthy though cause he's still chugging along on finishing the studio. He almost finished the lights, and blinds. He started hanging the interior doors.

RJ and Heidi painted the walls in their room. I'll be decorating the top half with pictures and the letters spelling out their names.

The floor will begin being laid tonight or tomorrow. I've attached a picture of a piece of it, but it isn't actually laid. (I cheated). :)

And I found some really cool old chairs in Olney for $10 each.

Off to fall back to sleep. Being sick really stinks.


Meet "Dog"

"Dog", (named by RJ) is the newest addition to the Photo Graphics family. Once the studio is open for business, "Dog" will be in the reception area helping to brighten everyone's day.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Night on the town

I had the honor of photographing a wedding on Saturday that felt like I was photographing family.

The Schulte house was my home away from home since about my Sophomore year in high school when Stephanie and I became really good friends.

Saturday was great not only because I got to celebrate Mark's wedding with the rest of the Schulte's, but STEPH WAS HOME!

We got to visit and although it makes me miss her more, I was glad to have the time together.
And then of course, how exciting for my kids, JAIDEN WAS HOME! She was one of the flower girls and looked o so cute in her dress.

After my contracted time was up, I went off the clock as "Amber the photographer" and became "Amber the family friend". I had Rick meet me at the reception with the kids so they could dance with Jaiden.

You can tell they don't get out much. Or apparently eat cake very often. And then based on the rock that Heidi fell in love with in the parking lot, apparently we don't expose them to gravel often enough either.

I believe they inherited their dance moves from their father. :)

Painting is Done!

The painting is DONE!

A huge thanks goes out to Aaron Mason for the fantastic job that he did getting everything painted. The only thing that isn't done is the bathroom and that is something we're going to tackle once the studio is actually open.

Aaron managed to get everything painted while I was shooting a wedding on Saturday. I was going to take pictures and post, but all of the light fixtures were taken down to paint the ceiling, (and I need to buy new fixtures anyway).

The kids and myself are all pretty sick right now, so I hope we'll all feel like shopping for fixtures today.......


Friday, September 21, 2007


"Rocky" decided today that he was gonna just hang out on the side of our house today. He was there for a really long time. I got really close to him a couple times and it didn't bother him a bit.

I figure he's either.

1.) fearless

2.) not so bright

3.) rabid


4.) going through some squirrel fraternity hazing prank.

Regardless I thought he was cute and RJ and Heidi really got a kick out of seeing him. RJ kept asking if he would bite him. I think he wanted to hold him. Deep down, I kinda did too.



Heidi is a Preschooler Too

Mrs Schonert (young explorers preschool in Olney) informed little miss Heidi today that since she was 3 years old now, she can go to preschool now too!

This is fantastic for a number of reasons, but most importantly because Heidi is SO excited. (And Mommy will have 2 hours to return emails and phone calls while the kids are occupied) Her first day was today, but I'll post a picture of her on Monday where she's all dressed up with her backpack.

It's pretty perfect timing because I'll be taking school pictures there in October. That way she can be in the class picture. How cute.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things are moving along....

Things are moving along pretty steadily.

The last stage of the drywall was completed tonight and the sanding will begin (and hopefully end) tomorrow. The fantastic Devin Holsapple has done the drywall. He has done a great job! I would recommend him to anyone. (He works for Jim Robard's company).

He even puts up with my kids. Today he even gave RJ a crash course in drywall and RJ decided that that was what he wanted to do for a living. (good thing too, last we heard he wanted to be the evil black spiderman). Photo Graphics loves Devin! :)

All of the taping off is done too, just waiting on the paint.

Painting will begin on Saturday. The fantastic Aaron Mason has offered his services in painting all of the walls and ceilings. He paints for a living and has equipment that will greatly speed the process along. Photo Graphics loves Aaron! :)

We will hopefully clean all day on Sunday (before Sunday night football when the Bears will take on the Dallas Cowboys.) and then the floor will start being laid on Monday.

The paint and the flooring are both waiting. I am getting excited!

I will post painting pictures on Sunday.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Progress Report

Drywall is nearing completion. The drywall was hung Monday night and the taping and mudding process started on Tuesday. Apparently this is a 3 day process because you have to let it dry in between each layer. The walls will be ready to be sanded on Friday and Friday evening the painting can begin.

I have ordered all of the paint. Bright white for the ceilings, shooting area and the inside of RJ and Heidi's room. Ponytail for the reception area and the outside of RJ and Heidi's room and the outside of the furnace room.

The networking room has icky 1980's era paneling in it, but I'll be the only one that's ever in there, so that is gonna stay for now.

Painting progress pictures will follow this weekend. Off to pick up new outlet covers and blinds.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Dan & Karen July 28, 2007

Dan and Karen were married on July 28, 2007.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to capture memories of their day for them. I enjoyed meeting Dan and Karen. They were both very laid back and wonderful to be around. I know that they'll be so happy together.

They got married at Bishop Creek church. I am so fortunate to be able to shoot in these big wonderful churches. It makes my job so enjoyable during the ceremony.

Thanks again Dan and Karen for choosing Photo Graphics. It was truly my pleasure.