Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I miss Dogs by Design......

I can state with relative certainty that I'm not the only one that was broken hearted to see Blake and Ashley move to Effingham. Now while I'm thrilled that they were able to grow their business, etc, etc...... I wish they still lived here. (Effingham has everything!)

My dogs are absolutely filthy and have been ever since Dogs by Design left. I tried bathing them myself, which made me hate Snapshot. Really Really hate her. I try calling the Newton vet constantly, but apparently the groomer schedules her own appointments and she is never there. So, I have filthy dogs. We're getting used to it.

Maybe Ashley can have a fundraiser at Marathon like the cheerleaders do. A Dog Wash. I know I'd go.

I recently teamed up with Ashley to schedule some promotional shots with all of her incredibly well behaved, incredibly beautiful, incredibly talented dogs. I am blown away by how well these dogs listen and how well they respect her. (insert severe irritation here at how little respect my dogs have for me).

I love Ashley's dogs. I'd love mine more if they were clean. :)