Monday, September 24, 2007

Night on the town

I had the honor of photographing a wedding on Saturday that felt like I was photographing family.

The Schulte house was my home away from home since about my Sophomore year in high school when Stephanie and I became really good friends.

Saturday was great not only because I got to celebrate Mark's wedding with the rest of the Schulte's, but STEPH WAS HOME!

We got to visit and although it makes me miss her more, I was glad to have the time together.
And then of course, how exciting for my kids, JAIDEN WAS HOME! She was one of the flower girls and looked o so cute in her dress.

After my contracted time was up, I went off the clock as "Amber the photographer" and became "Amber the family friend". I had Rick meet me at the reception with the kids so they could dance with Jaiden.

You can tell they don't get out much. Or apparently eat cake very often. And then based on the rock that Heidi fell in love with in the parking lot, apparently we don't expose them to gravel often enough either.

I believe they inherited their dance moves from their father. :)