Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun Promotion

So, I had a thought. It made me laugh. I decided that I'll give it a shot.

I'm going to run a promotion from now until ?.

I'll call it...... "My Trade Up Promotion".

We've all done it.....we've all taken our kids to a commercial portrait studio for portraits. You arrive and they are running 45 minutes late. You and your child who is neither hungry or tired because you HAD AN APPOINTMENT, has to sit and watch other parents not make their kids behave while they wait. Your child wants to get down and join the horrible behavior, because well, they're a kid. And because you won't let them they start to get mad.

After the "photographer"/chain smoker finally gets around to telling you it's your turn, your child is no longer willing to be photographed. (And honestly who could blame them). You get in the "studio"/4 footx4 foot room and your kid is screaming because it has to sit on a 2x2 foot table, while you can not move one inch from the bright orange X that is printed on the uncomfortable stool.

They force you to pick a mediocre pose and then sucker you into buying $140 worth of bad pictures because face it, if you didn't you'd feel like a bad parent. After all the "photographer"/chain smoker thinks that they are the most adorable pictures in the world. And really who wouldn't think that a picture in front of a tire swing or with Shrek peeking through the window wouldn't be a timeless portrait for your wall? :)

Then you get your portraits back and they are BAD. Just Bad, embarrased to pass them out bad.

So, my promotion is.....If you bring me your "recent" bad 8x10's of your child, you can have a free 8x10 of your choice from us. It's as easy as that. Just bring it in, and I'll keep yours, you can keep the new one.

And I promise that Shrek won't be in mine!