Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bears 9 Browns 19

I considered not posting about the game since we didn't register a win. Then, I realized that it was the 4th preseason game and anyone who watches the NFL realizes that our starters play 1 series, and only 1 series before resting so they don't get hurt for the season opener. In fact, had we gotten stuck in traffic on the way up, we would have missed the starters all together.
It was a great way for all of the "on the bubble" players in the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th strings to prove themselves on the field. These players have nothing to lose so they play as hard as they can. We enjoyed watching them show their stuff, even if the Browns scored more points.
RJ brought home a really cool visor and Heidi brought home a pink football. I actually got them a souviner this time since this was their last game that they are going to. Rick and I are going to 4 more, but we didn't want to take the kids to regular season games, so this was their last trip.

A pleasant surprise for me.....I stopped to pick a couple things up in Chicago at the shopping center and I had totally forgotten that they obviously carry Bears clothes in their stores up there. (I always have to shop online). I was so excited and everybody got some new bears shirts for the season without me having to pay shipping. woo hoo.

A not so pleasant surprise for me....why is it, that every time I ask someone to take my family's picture, so I can be in it as well, I have to pick the most incompetent person attending the game that day. Here is an incredibly underexposed, poorly composed picture of my family that I did my very best to fix, but that still looks really bad. grrrr
Bears preseason 3-1
Season opener Sunday September 9th. vs. Chargers in San Diego.