Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I wish I was just "Big Boned"

So those of you that know me, are aware that "petite" is probably not the word that one might use to describe me. I'm more like the apple from the Hanes underwear commericals.

I've watched the scale slowly creep up until now.... Not only do I have to have to shop on the "plus" side of the store, but I also have to buy sizes that I never dreamed I would be buying. As a matter of fact, I always wondered "How do people let themselves get that big?".

Well apparently, you have 2 kids, eat alot, never excercise, and work in front of a computer for most of the day. Add that to never sleeping, and Viola, you're 120 pounds overweight.

I remember being big when I was a child and being told I was big boned. (Sigh) I wish I was just big boned. In reality, my frame, (when not entirely covered by fat), is actually quite on the small/medium size. Everything but my feet. My feet are enormous.

Anyway, Rick and I have both joined the biggest loser program at the public library. We have 3 other people on our team, and I want the $$$. So I will be losing as much weight as I can in the next 10 weeks. Add $$$ to the added benenfit of not having a heart attack and that's a pretty good motivater.

So, anyway, I'll have updates on Tuesdays.