Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Baby is 3

I can't believe my little baby is 3! Both her and RJ are growing up SO fast! We had a very nice day today celebrating with her.

After church, we headed over to TGIFridays which is far and away the kids favorite place to eat. Heidi had a fun meal of Mac and Cheese and french fries. We stopped in at Menards and picked up shelving for the networking room, which really didn't fit into the plan for Heidi's day, but we did let her get some gummi worms, so it was still an A+ in her eyes.

We came home and Heidi napped, Rick, RJ and I watched the Bears game and then the kids went to Cubbies. We opened gifts and had cake after Heidi got home from Cubbies.

She got lots of cool things from everyone, including LOTS of new things for her Bitty Baby Sally. She got a high chair, a storage trunk, lots of clothes, and a wicker basket bed (which was from RJ).

I'll get pictures of her in all of her new outfits and get them posted this week.

Heidi had a great birthday. I'm glad she growing up to be an independent sweet little girl, but I wish I could stop time. It just makes me appreciate even more every single day I have with both of the kids.

Drywall at the studio will begin tomorrow. :)