Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heidi is officially a big girl!

Heidi had asked a few times to get her ears pierced. Rick always said no. I always said yes.

Finally one day, Rick must have had a weak moment and agreed, but said he was having no part in watching. NO PROBLEM.

We stopped at my sister's house and picked up my niece and my sister, and dropped off RJ and Rick to play with Eli. And we were off!Heidi waiting patiently while I signed all of the paperwork.They let her hold a stuffed bear. (that had it's ears pierced 5 times in each ear)Pre-piercingWaiting patientlyAnd it's time. I'm not one to lie to my kids. We don't do Santa or the Easter Bunny. I wasn't going to lie about this either. I told her it was going to hurt bad. That she would cry, but that it would only hurt for a minute. The ladies working looked at me like I was horrible. But I wasn't going to have her blame me when it hurt.She cried as soon as they pierced themBut still managed to smile for a pictureAs soon as they showed her the mirror and she could see them, she stopped crying instantly!Then she found some butterfly wings, and all was good in the world.Her beautiful new earringsI also got her an earring holder to hang on her wall. She has the minnie mouse and tinker bell earrings that we bought ready and waiting.

Since I was so incredibly behind in posting this, Heidi's 6 weeks have come and gone, and she has already changed to her Minnie Mouse earrings. She loves them!