Monday, May 18, 2009

RJ's Kindergarten Program

RJ's Kindergarten class put on their end of the year patriotic program on Friday.

He was so excited. He got up early and I even cooked him eggs (he usually eats breakfast at school).

Rick and I both took off work and headed to his school in the afternoon.

He has outgrown the "wave when you see your parents stage", but he definetly saw us and sent a smile our way.

The program started with a parade around the playground and then the festivities headed to the gym....I don't remember the names of all the songs, but RJ started out pretty calm. He was singing like everyone else....Then he started to sing louder.....and more energetically....And then the hand movements. :)

I love these pictures. RJ told me in the car that he added them for "effect".

This was "and I'll gladly stand UP next to you" during "Proud to be an American"And another..... :)And the point to the flag....This was "This land is your land" .....Pointing directly at us in the audience.And making sure he has his torch as high as he possibly can.
I'm pretty sure that RJ will be in chorus when he gets the chance.

You did a great job RJ! We were super proud of you!




Sarah D said...

This could very well be my favorite post EVER!

RJ, you got it going on!!!

Please bring me with you to any of his programs next year!