Friday, May 22, 2009

Trisha Mason is Super Talented

Trisha Mason is a friend of mine. If you follow our business website, you may recognize the name Karic....he is her "super cutie" son.

She has recently started her own crafting business.....

She is so super talented. I had her make my kids memory boxes. (she had made some for my friend Sarah and I just had to had to have some too!
The thing I love about Trisha is you can just call her and she will do her best to make it happen.

After thinking about things, I called Trisha earlier this week.

Rodney needs a memory box. After all he has his clothes, his Elton John shirt, his Chicago Bears jersey, his sombrero from Mexico..... I will post a picture of the finished project when I get it. (she has something super special planned for it)

I also had another request for her. After explaining the story of Rodney and who he was/how he came to become such an important part of our family, Trisha set off to make my request a reality.

She finished and dropped off my item moments ago......

Rodney's very own Mickey Mouse Ears!

Thanks Trisha! You are the best!