Sunday, May 3, 2009

Departure Day

One last picture from Hollywood Studios that I forgot to post. We had this done in the Star Wars gift shop. I had heard about it and couldn't wait!!!! I thought it turned out fantastic! Today was our departure day. Last year, our departure day consisited of hanging out at our resort, the ER, and then the airport. This year, we decided to head to Magic Kingdom for one more rope drop and all of the rides we could fit in before we had to leave.

(Excuse the quality of pics on this post. I packed the main camera and only had a point and shoot today)

Our morning started bright and early to finish packing. RJ had to sit on the suitcase to get it to zip. I guess I went overboard on souviners again.

Today, we decided to wear our ears. More proof that WDW is the most magical place on earth. I'm certain Rick wouldn't wear pirate Mickey ears in Jasper County.

On the monorail heading to MK

Waiting for Rope Drop

We took a vote as a family and decided to start in Frontierland at Big Thunder Mountain. We got a few rides in in a row.

Rick and the kids on the teacups

We love Buzz!We saw Stitch in Tomorrowland. Our kids think Stitch is gross. RJ was ticked off that he had to have his picture taken with him. But hey, a character picture is a character picture.DumboRJ and I inside Splash Mountain after we just got SOAKEDBrer Bear strung up with his bottom in the air was hands down Heidi's favorite part of Splash Mountain!On Tom Sawyer's Island playing checkers, while Heidi and Rick went back on Splash Mountain again.They followed us a little while later and brought ice creamWhen we finally made it to the airport, we had a little time to killRick and RJ on the plane ride homeMe and Heidi (and Minnie) on the plane ride home. I didn't realize how sunburnt we were. :)

Another fantastic trip! The kids and I say we are going back next February. Rick says we're not. Stay tuned to see who wins. :)