Monday, August 18, 2008

Cedar Rapids or Bust!

Friday, we headed off to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to see Stephanie and Jaiden. We make a trip up every summer to see them, on one of the weekends when I'm not shooting a wedding.On the drive up, we always stop at the same rest area so that the kids can stretch their legs before we get back in the car. They have a little playground there.We got checked into our hotel, and then Stephanie came and we visited while the kids slept.Bright and Early on Saturday, we went to their house so the kids could play with Jaiden. Stephanie and I went shopping at the mall.When we got home, the kids looked like little drowned rats. :)Much to my delight, there was an ice cream truck that drove by.After spending the evening visiting, we headed back to the hotel to swim.
I taught RJ how to do a cannonball. He got pretty good at them by the end of the night.Heidi was scared to jump in, but RJ assured her, he'd catch her. And he did, most of the time.Heidi peeled a sticker off the side of the pool and then stuck it everywhere.Apparently, an idiot layed the ceremic tile. Pretty sure, it's supposed to be 3 feet 0 inches.On the drive to Iowa, we suspected there may be something wrong with the car's speedometer. We made a 6 hour trip in 5 hours and it sure did seem like an awful lot of cars were just poking along. The speedometer said 70 though, and so we just ignored it.
On the drive home, we timed it. I think while it says 70, we were really going 81. I guess we need to have that fixed.We also discovered that for 8 months, we didn't have a sticker on the license plates. It was in the glove box. Good to see the sticker police are on their game.Since we made such good time on the way home, we stopped at a playground and let the kids play. Rodney appreciated getting to stretch his legs too.

Thanks again Stephanie for entertaining us all weekend!




Stephanie R said...

You didn't tell me Rick enjoyed the play area so much! :)