Monday, August 18, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

In celebration of our anniversary, Rick and I headed over to Effingham for dinner and a movie.RJ had his Kindergarten open house before we left. This is what they wore. I'm sure that since I always let RJ pick out his own clothes (it's an independence thing), his teacher will probably think that we are a really wierd family based on some of the outfits that RJ puts together.Then we headed over to drop the kids off at my sisters house in Effingham. Here she is showing off her new insulin pump. I think she's pretty excited not to have to give herself shots in the stomach all the time now.RJ and Heidi were super excited to get to spend the evening with Hannah and Eli.Then we were off to the Hilton to have dinner. We asked for a table on the patio, because the weather was beautiful.From the lookks of what we say on the sidewalk as we walked up, it seems others might have been having a more eventful anniversary than we were. :)Then after dinner, we headed to the theatre to see StepBrothers. I am a HUGE Will Ferrell fan. Rick and I had been wanting to see this movie for a few weeks, but hadn't had the time to make it over to watch it. I laughed outloud so many times! Definitely one, I'll have to watch again.We really had a nice time. Next year is 10 years, so I guess I need to start planning some type of trip to celebrate.




Amanda M said...

What a fun evening. Are you sure you didn't check into the hotel before the movie? LOL By the way you look GREAT! I love your glasses and the color you are wear is definatley one you should wear often. Congrats again on NINE years and more to come!

Alway Photography said...

Happy look beautiful! Nice and tan! :)