Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank Goodness it's over!

Thank goodness it's over.

RJ had his last t-ball game last Tuesday.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was really fun watching him play and he looked super cute in his uniform, and he learned how to play a team sport, but that is all he learned.

I have some real issues with t-ball.

No one wins and loses. Now while this is all fine and good, RJ is completely old enough to cope with the fact that you win some and you lose some. I think sugar coating it is a bad idea and just adds fuel to the fire when one day these kids wake up and realize that you do lose sometimes, and it sucks, but you deal with it.

You can't ever go past first base, and you get pitched to 3 times, and then if you still haven't hit it, you can try off the tee until you do hit it.....Well, sometimes, RJ just barely hit it, and only deserved to get a single. But other times he knocked the ball so far out he could have been home before the kids fielded it. But a single every time. BECAUSE NO ONE LOSES!

You get to swing til you hit it. BECAUSE NO ONE LOSES! I have a feeling that real ball next year is going to be a real suprise when you get three tries, and gasp, sometimes don't come home with one in the win column.

All in all. RJ really enjoyed ball and I didn't tell him that I thought all the rules were absolutely over the top. He wants to play again next year and of course we will encourage him to do whatever he is interested in.

RJ will really miss Jacob and Dale. I will miss visiting with the Rice family twice a week.

Here he is modeling the new medal he got. Not really sure what it was for. Everyone got one, (no one loses, remember?). I am assuming it was his medal for showing up.




Sarah D said...

ahh, if only life were like t-ball

we would all be the Homecoming Queen, the star of the musical, live in the house of our dreams, marry Donnie Osmond, and live happily ever after with a medal around our necks just because.

joanna m said...

Amber, the next league up from RJs does not keep score either!!?? Nobody is ever out and you can never hit a homerun.
Then it is welcome to the real world!

I always tell my kids "Life is not FAIR" get used to it now.

amberlindemann said...



How long does that league last Joanna?

joanna said...

I am thinking 2 years maybe. Braedyn is in it this year and it is driving John nuts!! The boys never played that way, but I think they move up every two years. I am sure glad they didnt do that when the boys were that age, I would be freaking out.

But if you can hang in there, it does get better!