Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friday Zoo Fun, Shopping, and the Fat Girl Store

Friday, August 1st.....Sarah, Jack, Jamee, Emily, Me, RJ, and Heidi
Zoo Fun, and Shopping in Evansville!
The day started at 7:50 a.m. when Sarah/Jack picked us up and we headed off to the zoo. We pulled into the parking lot and hopped out. Jamee immediately stepped in dog poop. Nice. When we arrived inside the zoo, there was no one there. Seriously, almost no one. It felt like we were the only ones in the entire zoo. It was really nice. We rented some safari wagons so the kids wouldn't get tired. We knew we had lots of shopping that afternoon.

Sarah braved her fear of frogs to see the frog exhibit. and the poison frogs at that. She didn't seem scared, but they were also behind glass, so maybe that was it.

Heidi and Emily really did enjoy the skink
they may have been the only ones.

The giant snake that could've eaten any of the kids

I am such a sucker for these silly little "stick your head through, and look ridiculous" things.
Here we are as a family of bats. :)

My favorite picture of the day....RJ and Heidi sitting in the tunnel that went under the otter tank. The otters were just swimming around everywhere. LOVED it.
We spent some time cooling off in the water fountain

and then headed off to feed the goats

Jack and Emily loved the kangaroos

Some things were just a little too loud for Jack, but I do think he really enjoyed himself.
Heidi and RJ really enjoyed the zebras

Then we stopped and bought these lovely/rip off drink bottles that the kids got to bring home. In all fairness, the kids love them, they were just a bit overpriced. The highschool dropout running the cash register was so incredibly lazy though, I think I could have poked him in the eye and stolen them all and I don't think he would have cared or tried to stop me. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't have even had to poke him.

Jack was kind enough to share his popcorn with RJ and Heidi. They gladly took him up on the offer and then fed it all to this peacock.
After the zoo, we headed to eat lunch. We chose a pizza place, where RJ was a huge fan of the meatballs. Waiter was bad, but the food was good.
Then we headed for the mall. We hit Macy's, then Gymboree, then Children's Place, then the GAP, then the Shoe Store, then the Fat Lady Clothes Store, and then the kids decided we needed to go to Build-a-Bear.

RJ and Heidi with the animals they picked. Heidi chose a purple sparkle bear, RJ a cheetah. Emily and Jack both chose brown bears.

After Build-a-Bear our day was over. We let the kids ride the giant carosoul before we left. They all rode together in the tea-cup.
I think we got worse gas mileage on the way home because the back of the van weighed so much. Sadly, I think more than half of it was mine. :)
I just wanted to mention how fantastic the fat lady clothes store is. (Lane Bryant)
Ever since I have lost some weight, my pants look ridiculous on me. Even the smaller sized ones. The legs are huge and look like a homeless person could move into them with me. My fashion bug shirts weren't looking all that fantastic either.
We pass the Lane Bryant store and I was so impressed with some of the clothes in the window, that I headed in.
Now, get this......Apparently Lane Bryant has this new way of sizing their pants, to try to make a fat girl feel not so fat. I had noticed this on their website a little while back, so when I went into the store, I headed over to see Sarah, the sales lady. She measured me and told me I was an 8.
I laughed out loud. I tried them on and they were TOO BIG. She says, "you know, you may be a 7 petite". The hysterics, ensued. I couldn't stop laughing. I take them in, try them on, come out and say, "well, by george, I am a 7 petite." The legs fit perfect and the length is perfect too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. 4 pairs of pants and 7 shirts, and 2 new bras later, I decided I was never shopping a fashion bug again until I can shop on the regular side of the store.
I even had her fit me (correctly) for a bra. Wow, I was totally buying the wrong ones before. The only problem with buying the correct size is it looks ridiculous when you aren't wearing it. It is big enough to fit on your head. Here, RJ is proving that it is indeed as large as his head.




Alway Photography said...

Amber...Love your new bra!~Lane Bryant Rocks!

Sarah D said...

t-shirt or button down???

Jamee said...

Oh, my favorite quote of the day.