Monday, August 18, 2008

Seems like a lifetime ago....

After our anniversary and the comments that everyone left about how young we looked, it made me look through some of our old snapshots.
Seems like a lifetime ago!
It also made Rick and I crack up about the fact that when we went to Effingham County to get our marriage license, we had to take an oathe that we weren't brother and sister and I also got "carded". I had to actually prove that I was 18. I looked that young. crazy!
Here are some funny pictures that I came across......
Rick and I in Wyoming....summer of '95 (I was 14!)

Rick, Larry, and Travis....Prom May 95

My senior prom May '98 (I was 17!)

Visiting Rick at college in Ohio October 95 (again, I was 14)

Rick's sister's wedding....November 96 (I was 16, Rick was 1 week from turning 20)

December 4, 1996......the main reason, I try to drive as little as possible

December 1999 reason #2

Some insanely filthy "reptile ranch" in Missouri. Thinking back, that place could not have been legal. (shudder)




DeAnn said...

Those are hilarious! I love the first one of you and look like you're in jr. high.
You were a freshman weren't you?

One more thing, Larry looks like a vampire...just had to throw that out there.

Thanks for sharing!