Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RJ's 1st assignment

The night of RJ's open house, he was given an decorate a paper doll, which was traced on a piece of cardstock. The assignment said that we could help, but RJ didn't need any.

He knew right away that he wanted to make a football player. He started by coloring the skin
and then the pants and cleats. He even made the cleats with spikes on the bottom!
Next he made the shirt.
And then, drew, colored, and cut out the football. Rick stood making sure he didn't take a finger off with the scissors.
He glued the football on the hand. Although he did have to ask which hand it should go in
RJ wanted a helmet on him, so Rick cut the helmet off a bears calender we had hanging up, and RJ glued it on. We were afraid RJ might cut through the face mask on accident.
Heidi just wanted to be a part of it all. She colored too. and laughed.



Nancy said...

Great Job RJ!! Your football player looks great!!
Your pretty smart for your age:)

lindemrm said...

Heidi did a pretty nice job on her' a well...

Rebekah said...

way to go, RJ! im impressed!

Stephanie R said...

Awesome job RJ!

Sarah D said...

MAN, Heidi is so freaking cute!