Monday, June 8, 2009

Airplanes, Waffles, and Beaches

We had anxiously been awaiting our Disney Cruise for almost 6 months.

None of us had ever cruised and while I was so excited, I was hesitant too, that it wouldn't be our kind of vacation. Boy was I wrong!

We woke up bright and early on May 27th to head to the airport.

The kids were so excited when I showed them their new passports.We arrived to the Indy airporthad a snack and killed time coloring pictures.Here we are on the shuttle at the Orlando AirportOur cruise didn't leave until the 28th, so we had a whole afternoon to spend doing nothing. (that is rare for our family when everything is planned out to the hour most days).

We decided to head to Cocoa Beach. We have been to the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, but not the Atlantic Ocean, so we wanted to be able to cross that off.The kids were super excited to run and play on the beach. In hindsight, I should have had them put their suits on. They were soaked.RJ made sure to check himself for scratches before getting too deep in the water. He didn't want to get attacked by a shark!RJ was kind enough to take a picture of me and Rick.After our fun on the beach, we headed for supper. At the Waffle House of course! I love that those are everywhere in the South!We headed back to the hotel and got a good night's sleep! Everyone woke up bright and early. I had the kids special outfits made for the occasion.And of course Rodney was excited to wear his new Mickey shirt too.Driving over the bridge, we caught a glimpse of the Disney Wonder.A few pictures from inside the terminalWaiting at the terminal and enjoying some cartoons.I had this awesome bag made for the occasion too! It was the bag that I carried everything in while onboard.I insisited that we had to be AT the terminal at 9:30........yeah, we were the 1st ones there. I thought it was awesome, Rick thought I was crazy. The picture is pretty funny though.I did get my #2 boarding pass. That's the best pass you can get! We were one of the first families on board!We did happen to see two pretty special people while we were waiting.Captain Mickey and his first lady Minnie

coming up: Our stateroom and our first day!




Christina said...

Love the special outfits and definitely your bag! How cute!!! We enjoyed Cocoa Beach, too. Good times! Can't wait to hear about your Disney Cruise!