Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Stateroom

On the Disney cruise ships there are 12 different categories of staterooms.

Category 12 being the least expensive and being located on the lowest deck with no window.

Category 1 being the most expensive and only having 2 of the category 1 suites on the entire ship.

Category 9's have a view, but it's a porthole only.

I wanted to have a verendah so I went with a Category 6. We'd have a verendah and it was the middle of the road as far as cost went. I was content with that.

I got a phone call the day before we left. Disney had upgraded us to a Category 4 at no cost! How exciting. Now we were on the Deck 8 in room 8504. We felt no movement and our room was SO much bigger than I expected.When we walked in, I was so excited.....The living area (the couch turns into a bed, and a bed pulls out of the wall.)

Standing in the living room, taking a picture of our sleeping quartersThey had a Bon Voyage banner hanging for usand some super cute decorationsThere was a card from Captain MickeyAnd a tasty cake.....How did captain Mickey know that Heidi LOVES cake? :)The wonderful magnet was on our bathroom doorAnd a Bon Voyage memory box that I latched right on toWe had a split bathroom which was actually 2 bathrooms. One had a tub/shower and a toilet and the other had a sink and toilet. That came in more handy than I would have thought.Our awesome bathroom products. I had to ask for more before we left.We had a closet right across from the bathrooms. It even had a safe to store our passports in.We headed out to enjoy our verandah right away......

(how cute are these matching swimsuits?)