Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our 1st Day on the High Seas......

I forgot to post this video on our post about the terminal. If you listen closely....this is them announcing our family as we entered the lobby. "welcome aboard the lindemann family...."

As soon as we got on board, our room wasn't ready yet, so we headed up to deck 9 for a buffet lunch at the Beach Blanket Buffet.

We opted to sit outside. (It was a little sunny for RJ)Get ready for LOTS of food pictures over the next few posts......

Just a story about the fantastic service aboard the ship. 30 seconds after we sat down, Heidi spilled her pink lemonde all over her tray and in her mac and cheese. 10 seconds after that, the lemonade was cleaned up and a worker had gone back through the buffet to get her more macaroni. FABULOUS service!

Heidi may have spilled her drink 30 seconds after we sat down, but 20 seconds before that, I snagged one of these beauties! A BAHAMA MAMA.mmmmmmmThe desert buffetAfter lunch RJ and Heidi got in the mickey pool (kids only pool)They loved the water slideWe enjoyed a litte ping pongAnd Rick ate againdrying off before heading to our room (which was now ready)We had to get our life vests and head to the mandatory safety drillAs soon as the drill was over, I happened past the lady with a tray of these.....Strawberry Pina ColadasmmmmmmThen it was time for the Sail Away Party on Decks 9 and 10. Heidi and I were front and center and even made the jumbotron a few times. Rick and RJ hung back out of the crowd and took it easy.My favorite....DonaldHeidi's Favorites....chip and dale

After the Sail Away Party, the "When you wish upon a star" horn blew and we were offwe had to have had 40 pounds of fruit while onboardAfter our fruit snack we went swimming in the goofy pool. (the family pool)Lady and the Tramp was playing on the "ariel" view television, so we got to enjoy that while swimmingAfter swimming, Rick took it easy/drank scotch on the verandah while the kids and I played BINGO.He met us for dinner. Our first night's dinner was at Animator's Palate.This dinner was special because the walls start black and white and before dinner is over, all of the walls are in color.A b/w before picture.I have no idea what these are about........More food pictures...........everything tasted fabulousThe walls were gorgeous when they lit up!RJ and Heidi made a quick stop in the Oceaneer's Club before bedtime. Rick and I just went for a walk up on Deck 10Then it was bedtime.....After the kids fell asleep, Rick and I watched "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" on the TV and ordered room service. (because we hadn't just got done eating supper you know......)

Basically, when Rick found out that room service was free, he was taking advantage!

Our first day was fabulous. Day 2 we were docking in Nassau. I couldn't wait for sunrise!




Anonymous said...

the food looks delish...but just give me one of those bahama mama's and i'll be just fine!!!