Friday, August 24, 2007

Bears 27 Colts 24

On Monday August 20th, Rick, RJ, Heidi, and I went to watch the Bears battle the Colts at the RCA dome.

The Bears won 27-24 (of course) and I felt like both teams had a really good showing. Although, it seemed like the Colts left their first stringers in longer than we did trying to rack more points on the board.

The Bears are so deep with talent this year that I wasn't surprised that our 2nd string and 3rd string teams continously outplayed theirs.

The kids were pretty good. Heidi kept clapping at the wrong times because there were so many Colts fans there that she would clap when they did something good just because everyone else was. She also insisted that Rick drop $19 on roasted peanuts and bottled water. :) Boy those peanuts were good though. RJ got tired half way through and decided he didn't like the Bears anymore. Upon hearing that horrifying comment, I had to threaten that if he ever said that again, I would cancel his birthday! He immediately came to his senses and realized that there isn't a team in the league that can hold a candle to the Bears.

Next Thursday August 30th, we are heading up to Soldier Field to watch the Bears battle the Browns. Updates to follow. Bears preseason 2-0.