Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 1 Disney Hollywood Studios

I should also mention my favorite thing about checking in.......They gave me my "key to the world" room key and said "Welcome Home!" It does feel like home.

We headed over to the bus stop to go to Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios). I chose this park for our first day because I felt that there was the least amount of things for my kids to do. They were too little for most of the rides and wouldn't have wanted to sit through most of the shows. And I knew they'd be tired from traveling.

But there was one thing. STAR WARS. RJ is a really really big star wars fan. He watches the 6 movies and knows them better than I do.

DHS has 2 STAR WARS related things. One is Star Tours the ride and the other is The Jedi Training academy. My goal above all else at DHS was for RJ to be picked from the crowd to participate in the Jedi Training Academy. I even ordered him a shirt that said "Future Jedi Knight" and he wore that shirt. He had practiced how to jump up and down and yell "Pick Me, Pick Me!" We were so prepared. For some reason, I just had a really good feeling, until I started talking to the woman next to me. They had already been to 5 shows that day. (there are only 8 every day). Oh crap!

The show began to start.....all the kids got so excited and the Jedi Master started picking kids. RJ did not get picked. We started to walk away (I didn't want him to watch it and ruin the surprise that Darth Vader was going to be there!) He was pretty upset until we explained that there were 2 more shows and not every kid got picked.

We left and ate lunch at the Pizza Palace which is modeled after the one from Toy Story. After lunch we went to another Jedi Training......nope, no luck.

We headed over to the Star Tours attraction. We all rode it. Heidi didn't enjoy it. RJ LOVED it! As we were walking back to the Jedi training, we watched a parade that was going down Main Street. Heidi swore Snow White waved at her so she was pretty impressed.

We headed back over to the Jedi Academy. It was our last chance and I was worried. The Master Jedi began picking kids. He picked them all but 2 and then looked at RJ, read his shirt, and said..."Why yes, youngling, come up!" Then he moved on and picked the last kid. RJ didn't know he had been picked. Neither did Rick because he wasn't listening. I said "RJ GO!" and pushed him. He ran up on stage with the other kids. Rick could not believe it. He thought I just pushed him up on stage. :)

All of the kids were given a Jedi Robe and a lightsaber. The Jedi Master taught them a few basic moves and then 2 storm troopers and Darth Vader came out. Each of the kids had a chance to go head to head with Darth Vader. RJ did fantastic. I was so proud. After Darth Vader had been defeated, all the kids got a certificate. RJ felt so lucky.

After RJ was done, we headed over to Al's Toy Barn to meet Woody, Buzz, and the Green Army guy. Our day at DHS was complete

We had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey's which was at the Contemporary Resort. We checked in and they took our family picture which "Chad" later came around with and tried to sell to us by acting like we were all first graders. I did always love 1st grade. I also love my new picture! :) Who could say no in Disney World?, other than Rick. Heidi was getting tired and in a pretty foul mood until she spotted the deserts. :) Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto all came around and spent time with the kids and gave RJ and Heidi their autograph.

Day One was a good day. Both kids were asleep within minutes of returning to the resort.

My 2 major observations for my 1st day ever in Disney were

1) Disney is a very clean place. I am SHOCKED at how clean everything is. There is never a dirty table or litter anywhere. VERY impressive. (Sarah, I know you told me how clean it was, but I was still surprised. Very, Very clean!)
2.) Thank goodness I taught my kids a long time ago never to touch anything in public like handrails or door handles. I have such a low tolerence for germs, so nose picking is one of those things that just pushes me over my tolerence level. Apparently Rick and I are the only parents visiting Disney right now that think picking your nose and then feasting on it is inappropriate. Other than the 10,000 noses that I watched being explored, I have ZERO complaints about our first day. The lines to the rides weren't long, the lines for the characters weren't long, the parade was nice, Jedi Training was AWESOME!, the buses are plentiful and very prompt.

All in All a fantastic way to start our vacation!