Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Resort......

Walt Disney Wolrd is a magical place. You hear about this on TV, the radio, it's worked into their marketing, and I have to say. Rightfully so! My friend Sarah (who I'm sure I will refer to numerous times this week) has repeatedly said that magic happens while you are at Disney.

I think it's pretty well known that I'm a skeptic. Nothing can ever be as good as it can seem. But for some reason, I was not skeptical AT ALL about Disney. I knew it would be magic.

We walk in to the Port Orleans Riverside resort. At first glance, I had no opinion. I thought that the CM's (a disney employee) were dressed cute, but other than that. no oooooh's and ahhhhhh's. Just content.
Then I'll be damned if we didn't stumble right on a little magic.

I got in the relatvely short line to check in and Rick, RJ, Heidi, and the luggage cart full of luggage stood in the area that was intended for just that. This woman, probably my age, but way cuter, and her kids walk up to Rick and the kids. Her kids had disney balloons. Now not some cheap balloon. These were GIANT balloons. A Colored mickey mouse shaped balloon that were floating inside a clear giant balloon. These things are gorgeous and were like $10 each at the Magic Kingdom. If I were a balloon, this is the balloon that I would want to be. The little boy asked RJ if he was just getting to Disney World. RJ's answer..."yep". Then a skeptical stare. He really wanted that balloon. Then the most awesome thing.....The boy and girl gave RJ and Heidi their giant "no way in hell was I ever going to have bought them" balloons for free because they were flying out and couldn't take them home on the plane. That's magic moment #1.

I finish getting our information and our room was already ready, which was fantastic! I had paid for a "water view" and requested Aligator Bayou as our section. We didn't get AB. I wasn't really disappointed. I just thought that RJ would have liked the themeing of the room. I hadn't really told him, so there was no disappointment. I figured, a room's a room. That is so completely untrue. At our resort you can walk 10 minutes to get to the main building or you can walk 1 minute.

We have a 1 minute walk, which works perfectly for us. (AB would have been more like a 10 minute walk) But our view is AMAZING. We leave the check in with our new balloons to find our room and I had to have gasped as I turned the corner. It's like we are in a movie. The paths are goregous, the river runs right in from of our room. But this river is rippling and wonderful and HUGE! I have no idea what I was expecting. A creek? who knows. This was not it though. The resort has exceeded all my expectations. I'll have to post pictures. There is no way to describe the bridges and landscaping, and paths, and loveliness and do it any justice at all.

We come into the room and "Mickey" and "Minnie" had left the kids gift baskets to welcome to the part. They had special notes form the hosts and they included their very own personalized mickey mouse ears. The baskets were a HUGE hit, but the kids were excited to get to a park, so we headed to Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS), which was formally known as MGM.


Michelle F said...

Amber it sounds so great! I can't wait to here more. Sounds like your trip is off to a great start. Can't wait to here how the buses are at POR! Gabe says to tell Mickey hi for him :)