Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 6 Heading Home with a Quick Stop along the Way

We checked out of our resort room at 11:00 am.

I was sad. I LOVED IT at Disney! I didn't want to go home. Even RJ mentioned how cool it would be if we could live there. Rick mentioned that we were out of money and needed to go home. Whatever, he's always the first one to think of practical things like that.

We headed over to our resort's dining hall. We had the Deluxe Dining plan the whole time that we were in Disney, which would have allowed us to eat basically until we felt sick, the whole 6 days we were in Florida. However, due to actually being sick before we left, no one really had an appetite while we were there. So, the morning that we left, we had 19 meal credits left. Now these meal credits were pre-paid and of course you can't get a refund, so we ate lunch at the dining hall. After that, we had 15 more and we weren't hungry anymore. So, the kids headed to the arcade with Rick to play games until time for the car service to pick us up.

I sat and people watched. One of my only complaints about tourist spots is when people don't speak English in AMERICA. Now, I would feel the same way if I were French and some American tourist was speaking English. I'm sure that would irritate me just as badly.

But anyway. I sat and people watched in the dining hall. If I saw a family speaking good english, I would offer to buy their meal for them. After all, I wasn't going to get any money back and why not spread a little magic around on the day that we were leaving! So, I found about 6 different families, all which were able to communicate back to me perfectly and I bought their dinner. That was a lot of fun. People were calling me the lunch lady. I really enjoyed that.

After that, it was 2 p.m. and we headed out in front of the resort to meet our car service. To my surprise there wasn't a towncar waiting on us, there was a WHITE STRETCH LIMO! I got the kids and waved to Rick and we were all so excited! The driver was beginning to load our luggage and I wanted a picture of the kids next to the limo.

RJ at this point had decided to balance himself on his arms between 2 benches and swing like a monkey. I did not know he was doing this and bumped into him. He did a face dive onto the cobblestone pavement. I heard a crack and screamed for Rick to get a medic. I pick RJ up and he's covered in blood. Rick is getting him a band-aid. He comes back, sees that a band-aid probably isn't going to cut it and an ambulance is called.

Now, my first thought is his teeth. I just knew he had knocked all of his teeth out. Or broke his nose. I take my hand away, which is covered in blood as well, and I see that it's his chin. But not only did he cut his chin open, he had exposed the flesh of his chin, as well as leaving a portion of his chin behind. Nice huh? Really I'm not doing it justice by describing it.

I was being so strong and so was RJ. He was being so brave. Then the ambulance came to take RJ and me to the hospital. I lost it in the ambulance. I'm sure that Danny the medic thought..... "Good Lord woman, he's a 5 year old boy and it's a chin laceration. What's a couple stitches?".

However, he's MY 5 year old boy, and it was MY fault he fell, and I was the reason that MY son was in an ambulance crying with a bloodstained shirt. I couldn't keep it together. What a crappy way to end our vacation.

Rick and Heidi arrived by stretch limosine to the emergency room and waited on us.

Mind you, while all of this is happening, we are supposed to be at the airport. At this point it's 3 p.m. and our plane was scheduled to depart at 5:25 p.m. RJ had been calmed down and was sitting in a wheelchair waiting for his stitches. I reminded the triage nurse that we had a plane to catch. She could have cared less. I wasn't so nice. Neither was she.

When we finally got into the room to get stitches, it was after 4:20 p.m. Our plane was leaving at 5:25p.m. Rick was on the phone trying to find another driver to pick us up at the ER to take us back to the airport. We finally find one, but they came right then and we had to pay them by the minute to wait for us. BY THE MINUTE! Nice!

RJ was so brave. He screamed, and I mean screamed, when they gave him the numbing medication via shots in his wound. Rick heard him in the waiting area. After that, he was so brave! He's the proud new owner of 14 stitches and what will be a pretty cool scar.

If you're in Celebration, Florida and you're looking to get some stitches, I reccomend the "Florida Hospital" there. They aren't fast, but their stitches sure are straight!

Our driver had us all loaded up and he drove 85 miles an hour to get us to the airport. We arrived at 5:25p.m. (when our flight was scheduled to be taking off), but thanks to the grace of God it had been delayed due to weather and we had til 6:05. We RAN, literally ran, through the Orlando airport. We were the family that you see running and you want to just trip them on their way by. The family that you wonder why the hell they didn't plan better. We were THAT family. Luckily, we make it to our gate with 10 minutes to spare.

Just enough time to sit next to one of the families that I had bought their lunch in the dining hall. How cool is that? They had a 4 year old boy and RJ was pretty excited to tell him about his stitches.

We made it home and everything is getting back to normal. RJ's chin is really bruised and Heidi wishes she was the one that had gotten stitches because she's jealous of the attention RJ is getting.

We are taking one more day off but then we'll be back at work on Friday. I have 600 pictures to sort through and will get them posted in between returning emails tomorrow! Stay tuned!