Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 5 Magic Kingdom #2

I had all of these fantastic plans to go to rope drop at Magic Kingdom on Monday (our last FULL day at Disney). I wanted the kids to experience it, as well as wanting to experience it myself. I wanted to see the characters pull up in the WDW train and sing and dance and open the park. I wanted to run in and see the characters and be the first in line for one of the rides.

Rope Drop was at 9. We got there at 11:30 a.m. What a waste of such well thought out plans. After our bronchitis keeps us all up all night coughing, I just couldn't bring myself to get everyone out of bed. So I let them sleep. :)

When we got there, we didn't have much of a plan. My reason for planning 2 days at the Magic Kingdom, was that I wanted to be able to experience everything. Well, the Pirate and Princess Party on Saturday night spoiled us and allowed us to ride almost every single ride. So, we were just going to take it easy and do whatever we'd like. Rick and RJ headed over and got 4 Fast Passes for Big Thunder Mountain. Since Heidi couldn't ride it, that was going to let RJ ride it 2 times (once with me and once with Rick).

Heidi and I headed over to Mickey's toontown fair and Rick and RJ went to tomorrowland. While they were busy riding Buzz Lightyear and other rides in tomorrowland, Heidi and I went on the barnstormer. It's a mini rollercoaster for small children. Heidi was scared, but ended up loving it. The CM even gave her a certificate that commemerated her first roller coaster ride. :)

Then we went on a princess hunt. (That was my big goal for the day if you'll recall) We were lucky enough to only have to stand in line for about 20 minutes and we got to meet Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle. Heidi enjoyed herself and RJ was glad I didn't force him to go.

When Heidi and I exited the character area, the boys were waiting on us at the stroller. Apparently they had just gotten into an arguement with each other over lemonade and water and they weren't really talking. Just sitting next to each other.

So we got on the Walt Disney World Railroad and rode it around the park to Frontierland where we used our fast passes to Big Thunder Mountain. RJ and I rode it first, then RJ and Rick. Heidi and I fed the birds a cookie while we waited. I also got pooped on by a bird. Right on my hand. That pretty much sucked, but hey, like RJ said.....maybe if my hand wouldn't have looked so much like a branch, the bird wouldn't have pooped on it. Fair enough, I take all blame. I did my best to look non-branch-like for the rest of the day. Must have worked as I went bird poop free for the rest of the stay. :)

After BTM, we explored the swiss family robinson treehouse and got Fast Passes for Space Mountain. We stopped for lunch at Pecos Bill's and then watched about 1/2 of a parade. I could only stand 1/2 of a parade. The parade itself was fantastic, but the incredibly rude lady in the green shirt that apparently thought it was more important that she see Snow White, than to let Heidi see Snow White really got on my nerves. I knew if I didn't leave at that point, after having Heidi get pushed 3 or 4 times by this woman, that the lady in the green shirt was never going to forget the big lady in the navy blue shirt from Illinois. It was best for everyone if I just decided that that was enough parade watching.

We left and rode Pirates of the Caribbean, and Aladdin's Magic Carpets 2 more times. Then at 4 p.m. we headed over and were the 1st in line when Captain Hook and Mr Smee appeared for autographs. (All of my Disney planning really paid off!) RJ and Heidi did enjoy this character meeting. :)

We rode the Haunted Mansion (if you can believe it, it was one of Heidi's favorite rides)! We also headed for dinner then at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Again another character meal. LOVE those character meals. We were supposed to see Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto. You can imagine my sheer excitement when Chip and Dale made an appearance too! I could hardly contain myself. The rest of the family could have cared less, but I was thrilled!

We headed over near the castle to watch Wishes, the fireworks spectacular after dinner. Walt Disney's fireworks can't be described. They are so wonderful! One of Disney's fireworks would be the grand finale at the Jasper County Fair. There were so many fireworks going off at once that it was just amazing. A tear actually rolled down my cheek as a child sang "Star light, Star bright, the very first star I see tonight....." Tinkerbell flew overhead (to Heidi's sheer delight!), and the Fairy Godmother explained that everyone should make a wish. I made a wish.

After the fireworks were over, we headed to tomorrow land and Heidi and I rode Buzz Lightyear 4 times while the boys rode Space Mountain twice. Then we were able to ride Buzz Lightyear one more time as a family before they shut it down. THE GIRLS WON THIS TIME! It was the only time the girls outscored the boys the whole trip!

We headed back to the resort and the kids were asleep in no time. I started to pack and get ready to depart on Tuesday late afternoon!

We had a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom. I was sad to walk down Main Street knowing it will be 2 years before we head back there again.....