Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 2 Animal Kingdom / Downtown Disney

I have been very understanding that we can't do every single thing that I had planned out due to our bronchitis. (the kids are requiring a bit more sleep and a more downtime than they would have normally required)

We canceled our breakfast reservations today and let the kids sleep in. After showers and baths, we didn't end up getting to Animal Kingdom until noon. The great news though is all of us feel 100% better. RJ and I still have a cough, and a pretty severe one at that, but it doesn't usually get bad til evening. I knew that today would be another "easy" day due to the lack of age appropriate things. Not that there wasn't going to be TONS to do though. It was going to be perfect to get back to our resort for the boat ride we had planned.

We entered Animal Kingdom and headed straight for "DinoLand". We rode TriceraSpin and the kids loved it. We waited in line for 5 minutes and Heidi was impressed at how cute the dinos were. They flew SO high that she could see a "long neck" from a long way away.

After Tricerspin, we headed to Dinosaur the ride. I did not think Heidi should ride it. She was tall enough (barely) and I was questioning whether or not she'd start crying during it. I even said that this was gonna be the scariest ride ever, but she still wanted to go. So we all got on. The ride starts then, bam! pitch black. The ride is all over the place and meteors are landing right next to us and dinosaurs were jumping out at us and coming so close to getting us. It was so loud and black and scary! Finally it was over! To be honest, I was kinda scared. Not really, but kinda. I look over and both kids are white as ghosts, but neither are crying and both are breathing. I am obviously the worst parent in the world, just behind all of the nose picking kid's parents. Heidi said that the "hornheaded monster was SO MEAN!" and RJ said "were they really gonna eat us?" followed by, "I NEVER want to ride that ride again!" Fair enough. Rick and I enjoyed it.

After Dinosaur we played a carnival game and headed to a different portion of Animal Kingdom.

We stopped and waited in line for 2 minutes and saw Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. Heidi really likes Piglet. I was very glad we stopped. Rick is pretty grouchy about those things. He thinks they are a waste. I LOVE them though and that's just my personality, so we're damn well gonna do it. Hhmpf. He even had his picture taken with Tigger. (That's magic moment #2)

We then took a 20 minute safari ride which we all really enjoyed. After we stopped and ate at Tusker House, RJ got Terk's autograph (gorilla from Tarzan). We stopped and did some other silly things that I saw and then we headed back to the resort.

Once we were at our resort, we took a boat ride down the river and it took us to DownTown Disney which is where all of the shopping happens. I'm not a Disney shopper, so we were safe. We headed to Once Upon a Toy where RJ proceeded to build his own double edged evel Sith Darth Maul lightsaber. Rick built a double edged Jedi one and I know first thing in the morning, they'll be outside battling whose force is stronger.

Heidi got to build her own My Little Pony gift set. It was a set price for all you could fit in a box. I tried and I sucked at it. I got very very little in my box. There were CMs there helping though and Steve, the CM that helped Heidi get 3 my little ponies, a bed, a mirror, 12 shoes, 2 brushes, 4 blankets, and 26 outfit pieces in this tiny tiny little box. I was in awe. I took Heidi and Steve's picture.

We then went to the Whispering Canyon Cafe and it was great food (don't worry, I have pictures of all the food) Rick drank what had to have been a 60 oz. soda and they announced it to everyone. Halfway through dinner, RJ and Heidi got to ride little wooden ponies (The Pony Express) all around between each table. VERY FUN! We took our deserts to go and headed back to the resort. Both kids were asleep on the buses.

Today was a VERY fun day! Still NO complaints. Only Magical memories!

Seems like there were even less nosepicking kids today. Hopefully all of those kids went home! :)