Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a Fun Couple!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Brooke awhile back. Not only did I graduate highschool with her big brother, but I also shot his wedding over a year ago.

Brooke brought along Seth, who was hilarious. I had never met Seth, but know his mom, and when I finally connected the dots and figured out who he was, I knew I'd like him. I wasn't disappointed. 5 minutes into their session, we were already cracking up.

We headed all over the place and Seth and Brooke were having a blast.

Then Brooke's jeep wouldn't start. Never fear though, Seth to the rescue!

They were also the second couple that I've talked into jumping into the lake. :)
I was surprised that Brooke jumped. I think she was too!

I wanted them to jump again, since they were already wet. It was so cold in the water, that Brooke wasn't as willing the second time!

Seth didn't think that that was nearly as funny as we did

Thanks again Brooke and Seth, for an enjoyable session! I'm looking forward to seeing you both for indoor sessions as well!


Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

What a fun shoot! :-) Great shots!