Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bears vs Vikings

I can't believe how busy we've been and how I am JUST NOW getting around to blogging about our Chicago Bears "Gameday Experience".

On October 19, Rick and I headed up to Soldier Field for our "gameday" experience.

Nothing beats a game at Soldier Field on a crisp fall afternoon.I forgot my hat, and it was the day that all of the fans were supposed to wear orange, so I got a new stocking cap on the walk up to the field.

Then we headed to will call to pick up our tickets and took a couple pictures of us and our tickets. My hair looks CRAZY in that stocking cap.4 times a year, Soldier Field throws a tailgate party for the fans.....This just happened to be one of the weekends. Hooray. So we headed into the tailgating area.Beer, Food, and GamesAnd I won a T-shirt!We were allowed into the stadium 90 minutes before the game. We headed down to the field and picked up our 'Pregame Guest" passes.And then they ushered us down to the field. I CAN NOT describe how cool it was to go through the tunnel that the players run through each week.Rick and me on the field......Pre-game warmups hadn't even started yet, and there was Charles Tillmann (33). Are you freakin' kidding me? He was kind enough to take a picture with me.He even signed my Bear PawAnd then out of no where there was Matt Forte (22), (who in my opinion should be Rookie of the Year)! Here's a picture of him autographing my Bear Paw.Then Warm-Ups startedWe were so close to the players. We had to stay behind "the line", but here is a picture of the line, an then where the bears feet were.... crazy closeLovie took a few laps around the field to watch the players warm up.Alex Brown came up and gave me a high five. Seriously....touched my hand.Robbie Gould headed over and as he was walking by, I yelled...."You kick ass Robbie!" He TURNS AROUND, WALKS OVER, and points at me and says "Thank You!" Seriously, I had a conversation with our kicker.After warms ups, we headed to our seats to watch the Bears defeat the Vikings 48-41. It was such an exciting game!With 2 minutes left, we headed to the media room and picked up our press passes. They were personalized with our names.After we watched the final minutes of the game, we headed to the press room and watched Lovie Smith and Kyle Orton give their post game conferences. It was amazing. The room was so small and there were only 25 people in the entire room. 25 people, and 10 TV cameras. I can't imagine how intimidating it must be to be up there speaking.

They wouldn't let us take pictures during the interviews, but they did let us take a quick one before Lovie came in.It was such a great day. The weather was fantastic, as was the game. I can't wait til next year, and hopefully we can do it again.

Here is my bear paw with the autographs on it.And the complimentary picture they took of us when we headed down on the field.

The day was so amazing. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it!




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