Monday, November 24, 2008

My Chair

When Photo Graphics relocated over a year ago to the new studio (can you believe it's been that long), I also moved my office sad poor pathetic office chair.

About 6 months ago, the back fell off. The part that sucks the most about that is that I was leaning back in it at the time.

Now granted pieces were slowly falling off, a wheel here, an arm rest there......I knew better than to lean back in it.....thankfully no one was here when it happened.

Just a weeks later, I got my new NFLshop catalog in it and they had a Chicago Bears office chair. I just couldn't justify it at the time, when my sad little "stool" worked just fine.

I think that Rick felt sorry for me.....Since from Oct 1 through 12-24 I sit in my chair 18+ hours a day, my back was starting to bother me.

Thursday night, he looks at me and asks, "If I give you your Christmas present now, will you remember it's for Christmas?"......I told him, that if he gave me it, I would remember but that I fully expect more than 1 gift for Christmas. :)

He leaves to go get it....the whole time, I'm thinking...."please let it be the bears chair, please let it be the bears chair...." HOT DAMN! It's the Bears Chair!

The most wonderful husband ever putting togethr the most wonderful office chair. LOVE IT!SO MUCH BETTER!




Sarah D said...

Looks super comfy!!

Good job Rick.

Aubrey said...

Just in time for a big win!!