Monday, November 17, 2008

The Birthday Boy

RJ turned 6 last Thursday.....Of course he had a shirt to mark the occasion. It's been hanging in his closet for a couple months. He was so excited to finally be able to wear it.

He woke up super excited about taking his treat bags to school.We had his party at the studio since it's that time of year and we have people stopping to drop off and pick up orders constantly.

He had a super cool star wars cakeHe also got hurt on the playground that day. The bruise is really looking bad now that it's few days old. He says it doesn't hurt unless he pushes on it. Then he always pushes on it, then winces in pain. nice.Heidi being her usual bad little self. :)He got a new webkinz. He was super excited.Planet HeroesLightsabers for the Wiiand tons of Star Wars stuff

Happy Birthday buddy!



Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Happy Birthday, RJ! :-)
I love the Star Wars cake!!!

Amanda M said...

Happy B-day RJ....That cake ROCKS!

hncfarley said...

Wow, cool cake! I didn't know you could bake.

amberlindemann said...


I actually am a really good cook and baker, but in this instance, I was a really good phone caller.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday RJ. Looks like he is really into star wars. Parker asked for some Star War lego set for Christmas.

Sarah D said...

Happy B-day RJ!!

Those light sabers look awesome!