Sunday, September 14, 2008

T-ball is SO boring!

It's official.....I detest t-ball. While I love watching RJ bat, (and he loves batting), the rules are ridiculous and it puts you to sleep while your child is playing outfield. And by playing outfield, I mean rolling around on the ground because they are so bored.

All of this was confirmed at RJ's soccer game on Saturday. I had just enough time in between appts to drive across town and watch his game. He LOVES soccer and I really enjoyed watching him. RJ's coach is a great guy and is really fair about who plays when and which positions. RJ got to field the ball as well as play goalie.

He even got to kick off at the beginning of one of the quarters. He did a fantastic job!

Way to go RJ!




Sara B. said...

RJ does look he is having a blast!! You can tell he is so focused on getting that ball! Those are some great pics.

hncfarley said...

We agree with you 100%

Our lives paralled this with Ross. He also Loves soccor.
P.S. Jealous of the American Girl trip, takes lots of picks.

DeAnn said...

As soon as I saw your title...I knew what was coming! Gavin had his first game this weekend and it was very entertaining! Looks like RJ had a good time too, too bad they won't play one another. Maybe someday.

Sarah D said...

RJ looks like he is REALLY good. Maybe I will have to rethink this soccer thing.

Christina said...

RJ looks like he's having a great time! :-) Soccer is so much more fun to watch!