Monday, September 8, 2008

Bears Crush Colts in a Stunning Victory! Bears 29-Colts 13

Are you ready for some football?

Rick and I make it a point each year to travel to Soldier Field at least a couple times to see the Bears play....I consider ourselves to be very lucky to be able to do this. It makes for a very long day though. (albeit incredibly worth every minute). 4 hours there, watching the game, fighting traffic and then 4 hours back.

So I was thrilled this year to see that the Bears would be playing away games against both the Indianapolis Colts and the St Louis Rams since that is a much closer drive for us. We knew we would be able to score tickets to the Rams because, welll let's face it, the Rams sucked last year. No one wants to watch them play. I wasn't so sure about being able to land AFFORDABLE tickets to see the Colts play. They just built an enormous new stadium (Lucas Oil Field) and Sunday night was the grand opening. That and the Colts don't suck. They are pretty damn good.

Luckily as time went on, we were able to get nosebleed seats.

Before heading over to Indy, we were able to watch the Dolphins and the Jets game. The Jets managed to pull out a win. Brett Favre didn't look bad considering he's 70 years old. However, even with Favre, there's no way they'll be in the superbowl. I don't think that Favre's experience won them that game, as much as the inexperience of the Dolphin's very young team. It was nice watching him sell out though and play in different jersey. We had a fantastic drive over to Indy. I don't even think that we turned the radio on at all. We saw an Elvis Fan...
We talked about all the games, and the Bears season....and the fact that Tom Brady is out for the season. Which totally sucks! Now, while I am all about the Bears hitting the opponents hard.....hard enough to bring the green cart out. But you only hope for them to be shook up, not truely injuried. And NOBODY wishes for season ending injuries. Especially not a player as fantasticly talented as Tom Brady. That and the fact that now instead of Brett Favre facing the Patriots, who have won the superbowl, cheating or not, 3 times since 2001, he gets to face a broken team with deflated spirits. A a quarterback who hasn't started a football game since HIGHSCHOOL. The friday night games. Great. And with his giant ego, if they do win, he'll think it's because of him.

So, we got to our seats and saw no one other than the Schackmann family. kyle, jarad, dustin, jb, super chuck, and some other dude we couldn't recognize from the back of his head. They were 5 rows in front of us. too cool.

The Colts had a really cool field size flag that they brought out for the national anthem. I truely enjoyed that.
I was surprised though when the Colts came running on the field. At Soldier Field the Bears run through the tunnel out a GIANT bears head. I was sure that the Colts would run through a Giant Horse's ass, but they didn't. :)

The Colts came out strong, and the Bears came out shakey at best. But as time went on, we knocked the wind out of them....over and over again.

Kyle Orton didn't do anything to hurt us, which is more than I can say for Rex Grossman. All in all our offense worked well together. We have a few problems with our O-line, but they only allowed 2 sacks, and Orton held on to the ball both times. No complaints. They moved the ball well and they put points on the board. :)

All the Colts fans are gonna say, "Well, Manning's just coming off a knee injury, blah, blah, blah". But it wasn't our defense that beat Indianapolis. While sure, Charles Tillman had a takeaway and Lance Briggs had a fumble recovery which allowed us to score, as well as getting a safety, it was our offense that beat their deffense. If their defense was the same as it was a few years ago, they wouldn't have allowed our ROOKIE running back Matt Forte to have best rookie running game in the history of the Bears.

Now, I'm a realastic Bears Fan. I didn't think we'd beat the Colts. And if we did, I thought we'd win by 3 or 4. Not 16.

And let's be honest, a season opening win, DOES NOT make our superbowl loss go away. They will always have that. BUT, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss and we are 1-0 and they are 0-1. It doesn't make their loss last night hurt any less and it also was a great way for us to welcome them to their new stadium.

All the Colts fans admitted defeat and left the stadium with 4 or 5 minutes left in the game. What a wonderful sight. An empty Colts stadium with only specks of Navy and Orange mixed in the empty seats.

I still think the Colts will probably win more games this year than the Bears, but it sure was nice to watch for one night while they were put in their place.
We would just like to thank Lucas Oil for making the festivities Sunday night possible
And nothing beats a trip to IHOP (although it is no Waffle House). Espeically strawberry banana pancakes at 1 a.m.


On to Monday Night Football. I was happy to see, much to Brett Favre's dismay, that the Packer's organization made the right call with Aaron Rodgers. No wonder Favre didn't want to compete for a spot with him. That boy can throw the ball! I was happy to have the Packers start the Vikings out with a loss. I assume it will be the Bears and the Vikings in contention for the NFC North Title. And now we are one game up on them. :)

RJ was very confused why we were rooting for the "Hackers". We tried to explain division standings to him, but it was all a bit much. He headed off to watch Looney Tunes.



Amanda M said...

I love the picture of Rick holding all of the beer glasses! Priceless.

Sarah D said...

Now Amber, about Brett Favre, can you tell us how you really feel??

Sara B. said...

I told Clint you guys went to the game and he says "Awesome"!! He thought the same that they probably would not win, and if they did not by that much. He was on cloud nine also. I will have him read your blog. Your so funny!!! I tell him several things you said, but could not remember them all....he laughed especially about the colts running out of a horse's ass!!!

Sara B. said...

Da Bears could not have drawn it up any better(minus Hester's bone head play), Lovie and the coaching staff had the perfect game plan. For the first time in 4 years I think Lovie earned his money and some of my Bob Babich nightmares have went away. Forte looked awesome and so did Kevin Jones,±50 yard--14 carries....they will be the 1-2 punch that we need. I know it is only one game and I'm trying to stay level headed but bring on Moose's Mouth and the Panthers.

Bear Down----Clint

amberlindemann said...



wanna make some deal that if we win the NFC championship again this year, you'll grow that 'stache back?

Sara B. said...

P.S. Farve Sucks! And Arron Roger has a cheezier mustache than me.


Sara B. said...

If we make the playoff the stache is back!!

amberlindemann said...

YES! sorry Sara!

you'll have to come to our house and watch the playoffs so we can enjoy it.

I sadly didn't get to see it in person.