Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day Pre-K

The much anticipated first day of pre-K at St Thomas was today. Miss Heidi was super excited all weekend, and then would have moments of terror mixed in. I had a feeling she would cry. I knew that I would.

She did so good about letting me get her dressed in her new outfit and fix her hair. She was very mad though, that I wouldn't let Rodney wear his sombrero in this pictures.Heidi showing off her Ariel backpack that she picked out all by herself.Arriving at the schoolShe hung her backpack up and immediately sat down and started playing. Then I told her bye. She burst into tears, sat on my lap, and sobbed. I was so sad, I wanted to take her with me.But then the fantastic Lily Bierman gave her a hug and everything was good againShe got to play with Lily and Dalton before class started. Dalton was sporting a sharp looking haircut. Heidi thought it looked great!This was the for real look she gave me when I told her to wave bye. Seriously, broke my heart.I cried on the way back to the studio, but when I went back to pick her up, she was standing in line and having a great time. She made me this beautiful paper with jewels glued to it.She was super happy to see RJ. (even though he was at school the whole time she was....she somehow felt like she missed him more)Heidi got a certificate for her 1st day! So proud!Her jewel paperShe drew lots of peopleand a person and a poodleand a rainbow

She is super excited to go back tomorrow. I'm not expecting tears tomorrow, but if there are, they will stop soon. She adjusted great!

Way to go Heidi!




Sarah D said...

I am so happy she had a good day.

What would we do without those wonderful Bierman girls??

clkocher said...

Super cute 1st day outfit!!!