Sunday, September 21, 2008

Star Wars, Subway, Parks, and Ponies

While Heidi and I were in Chicago, Rick did his best to make the weekend great for RJ. I think he did a fantastic job!

After school on Friday, Rick and RJ headed to Terre Haute to watch the new animated Star Wars movie "The Clone Wars". They both really enjoyed it, but Rick forgot the camera, so I have no pictures. :(
After the movie, they headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, and then home to bed.
Saturday morning, they got up bright and early and headed to St Louis to the Galleria Mall. Pottery Barn was having a special event at their store in St Louis
Rick and RJ got there early and were the 5th group in line. RJ wore his Jedi robe and looked super cool.

I had called and gotten tickets weeks ago. RJ had really been looking forward to it.
RJ got to meet 4 Star Wars characters and have his picture taken with a storm trooper and darth vader. (my only problem is that darth vader is way too short)

After the Star Wars fun, Rick let RJ pick any place in the food court to eat. He picked Subway. (how original)
He wanted a whole 12 inch.
And ate the whole thing

On the way home from St Louis, Rick stopped at a school and let RJ play on the playground

What is this thing?

Coolest slide ever!

Then they headed up to the Fall Festival and RJ got to ride a pony

And then he fought the Kinkade men in a jousting match.

I don't know what this thing is called, but I think RJ was a little too small for it.

I think they had a really great time together and I was so glad that Rick took as many pictures as he did. I was glad that Rick was able to make their weekend alone so special!


Sarah D said...

How tall is Darth Vadar supposed to be??

That playground was old school cool.

I had no idea RJ did the jousting thing with Cliff and Jack, shockingly he did not tell me that they did that!! It looks like Cliff was having more fun than RJ and Jack.

Anonymous said...

Ok- you have to did you find out about the Pottery Barn Event???? Inquiring minds want to know...

What a fun weekend your boys had!!! Can't wait to see pics of your and Heidi's too!

amberlindemann said...


Darth Vader should be much taller than that.

Rick thinks he should be about 6'4". That dude was barely 6'.


I got an email and of course called the same day. I order from Pottery Barn Kids quite a bit and had already ordered most of their new star wars line, so I am assuming that that is how they got my email.

I was happy they did though.