Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School Pictures

Time flies so quickly. I took these weeks ago before RJ started school, but just sat down tonight and processed them to order for friends/family.

These are their 4 year and 6 year pictures. They are getting so big, so fast. While I'm sad that they are growing up, picture taking sure is alot easier. These took about 5 minutes.


Volkman's said...

your kiddos are so stinkin cute!!!

Ashley and Evan said...

You have such a nice looking family! RJ and Heidi are so adorable!

joanna m said...

Great pictures Amber.

I have got to bring Kelbys school picture that lifetouch took!?

Very good picture of Kelby, nice smile and no smirk. But when they printed it, they cut off the top of his head!!! It is that close up, so I emailed them and do you know what those MORANS said? Next time don't choose the close up! Didn't know that was a choice, but his student id is just fine. I think I will have you take one of him when we all come in in Nov. So I will have more then just part of his head!!!

Dawn said...

Those are adorable!