Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Heidi is offically 4! She had such a wonderful birthday. She didn't stop smiling all day.

She got a super cool birthday crown at school Of course Rodney was there to wish her Happy Birthday
She got the coolest My Little Pony birthday cake. She did inform me that she would have rather had chocolate cake though. Although, She didn't have any trouble eating the white cake.

Rick and I got her a My Little Pony movie
I kid you not, we did not tell her to do this. She just did it. She loved the movie that much! Hands down my favorite picture of the day.

RJ got a super cool R2D2 shirt. I felt bad that he didn't have anything to open.
RJ told me he wanted to get Heidi something. So this is what he picked out. Then he runs to his room and gets me $1. I thought the gesture was super sweet.
And she loved it!
Rick and I also got her a stroller for Sally. (toy bar sold seperatly...what a crock!)
Miss Kaitlin, MeMee, Papaw, Grandma, Grandpa, RJ, Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, and Eli all came to wish Heidi a happy birthday. Miss Kaitlin's parents, came the day before and her best buddy Jack sent a huge bouquet of balloons. What a great day!

I hope you had a blast Heidi! We love you so much!
Now we are off on the train tomorrow (friday) to shop til we drop, or until Rick reports the credit cards stolen.