Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams and 3-legged cats

wedding season has been kicking my butt lately, so I have been working late hours. (a bit later than usual). The other night, Rick was helping me, so unfortunately that puts the kids sleeping on the pull out sofa bed at the studio til we take them home to their beds.

Once we were ready to head home, I went to move the kids and this is what I saw. Both kids asleep and HOLDING HANDS! I am so glad that we had the kids so close together! They are best friends and love each other so just made me smile.

There is a resident 3-legged cat at RJ's ball games. It's there every game. I finally let Heidi pet it last week. She loves animals and was so happy. She kept talking to it..."oh, poor little kitty with only 3 legs....". Then it flipped over and she petted it's belly. Then, it must have tickled, because 3-legged cat scratched her. She was SO mad! She screamed at it..."Get out of here cat, with your 3 legs!"

I'm guessing she done feeling sorry for it.




Sarah D said...

Perhaps you should start a charity that would purchase the 3-legged cat a prosthetic leg.

I would help organize a fund-raiser.

Aubrey said...

Too funny - get out of here with your 3 legs!! I am laughing out loud at that!

Ashley & Evan said...

The pic of them holding hands is so sweet! Gotta love it!

pjseiler said...

I am a customer and love to keep up with your funny stories. I was totally cracking up with the "Get out of here with your three legs!" That is just priceless, as is the pic of them sleeping. It is so precious.

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