Sunday, July 27, 2008

Star Wars Midnight Madness and Buffalo Wild Wings

My friend Jamee sent me a link last weekend to information about a "Midnight Madness Star Wars Event" taking place at select Toys R Us stores across the country.

I checked out the information and I was so excited because the Terre Haute store in Indiana was participating!

For those of you that don't know, since Christmas of '07, RJ has lived and breathed star wars. They were releasing new Galactic Heroes . He collects them, and I knew he'd be thrilled.

We didn't tell the kids where we were going, but they knew it was a surprise.

Heidi, Sally, and CC getting ready to head off on our surprise trip.....
RJ ready to leave
Since we had to kill lots of time, we headed over to our most favorite wing place ever. BUFFALO WILD WINGS! We enjoyed dinner and a few games of trivia while we were threre.
Of course I won all 3 games of trivia that we played. Woo Hoo!
Rick won Heidi a purple smiley face ball out of the claw machine before we left.
RJ got some candy
We headed over to Toys R us. All the lights were on and the parking lot was full of cars. (It wouldn't be Star Wars if you didn't have to wait in line!) RJ and Heidi ran up to the window to peek in and see all of the Star Wars stuff they were putting out. When RJ figured out why we were there he started squealing and jumping up and down. Everyone else in the line turned and looked at him. He didn't care though.
Heidi was a little moody. But considering we kept her up to midnight to go shopping for toys that she doesn't like, I think she did pretty good!Rick and I had a system to get to the galactic heroes and get all the ones that we didn't have without hurting kids, but while butting in front of them at the same time.
Rick was the first one to the display, and shockingly, they only had 1 of each one and only had 7 total! (I told him we needed to be there early!)

The store displays were very cool!

We told RJ he could only pick 2 things. He chose a YODA, which he DID NOT HAVE. (oh my, he was so excited!) He also chose another obi won and storm trooper set.
Heidi picked a silly purse set that was ridiculous at $12. I also surprised RJ with a Darth Vader back pack.
I gave it to him and he cried, and then hugged me. You could tell it was 1 in the morning and they were exhausted! They were both asleep before we were back in Illinois.

We cleaned up at the event though. RJ is set for his birthday and Christmas between galactic heroes, and a Darth Vader outfit and a storm trooper outfit, and Lego Star Wars Sets.....I don't know what we'll do when they don't fall for the "Mom's gotta run and go to the bathroom and she'll be right back bit...."

It was a nice surprise for RJ and we had fun too!




Sara B. said...

It sounds like RJ was very excited. I just got a Pottery Barn Kids catalog this week and they have Star Wars sheets & bedding for kids! You might have to check it out.

amberlindemann said...
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amberlindemann said...


sheet set, blanket, and pillow already purchased and shipped. Should be here on Tuesday.

Although, I'll save it til Christmas too.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! I love Christmas shopping really early too!!!

Jamee said...

Glad I sent you the link, I knew R.J. would benefit from it.

I should do the Christmas shopping early, you really have it together.

cfarley said...

Wow, when can the Farley boys visit. They will be soooo jealous!