Wednesday, July 16, 2008

St Louis Zoo

Saturday night before we headed to bed, Kaitlin mentioned how we needed to get to the zoo bright and early so the animals wouldn't be sleeping. While I knew she was right, I also knew there was no way our family would be out the door until hotel check out time.

We told Kaitlin that we'd leave promptly at 8 a.m. IF she could get us all up. Well I couldn't believe it but she did it! We were packed, out the door and had arrived at the zoo by 9 a.m. Amazing! We are looking forward to having her with us in Orlando! We had to stop and pose for a picture outside the zoo
A River Dog
My favorite animal..... Capybara
A "pumba" type animal that RJ thought was dead
Thankfully not dead

Rodney confronting a rat's worst fear and posing with the Cobra
Miss Kailtin's favorite..... the elephant
RJ's favorite...... the zebra
Heidi's favorite..... the giraffe
RJ and Heidi were so incredibly impressed that the giraffes could lick their own bottoms. Heidi wants a print of this to put in her room. I said maybe for her picture album, she insists that it be in one of her frames
Just a quick rest

RJ cooling off
Rodney cooling off
RJ and Heidi trying to push Kaitlin into the water

But she was too quick for them!
Unfortunately the Ape exhibit was closed
But we did get to see the sealions
Heidi was so sad for this little guy

The penguin house was freezing! We all really enjoyed it though. We only had to wait in line for 10 minutes or so. Absolutely worth it!

Heidi was too cold to smile
until she found out she wouldn't get anything from the gift shop unless she smiled
Heidi chose a little penguin for her surprise
RJ had a hard time deciding.....we had a lot of time to kill
FINALLY, he picked. Some glow in the dark dinosaurs!
We really had a great time! Dinosaur exhibit pictures to follow!


Nancy said...

What are you gonna do w/o Kaitlin in another year?? She quite the Super Nanny!!

Sara B. said...

Hi Amber,
I can't believe we did not see you at the zoo on Sunday. We were there about 9:00..ish. I am going to put on my blog to look at your pictures of the animals....Amber you are just a great photographer!!! I will be embarrassed to put mine on there. I wish we would have bumped into you guys!!!!

amberlindemann said...

Oh Sara, that would have been so cool!

Did you go to the dinosaur exhibit?

I'll be posting those pictures soon!


Sara B. said...

No we did not go to the dinosaur exhibit...I wanted to but, I did not know if Brayden was too young and might of got scared. Clint and I thought we would definately take him in it next year. I so enjoyed your pictures and love reading your blog!