Friday, July 18, 2008

Growlers Pub and St Claire Square

We let Miss Kaitlin and the kids order room service on Saturday night while we were shooting Micah and Nick's wedding. They ordered from Growlers Pub. When we came home and saw the menu sitting there, we had a mission. Find Growlers Pub and eat lunch there after the zoo.

Luckily, we were able to find it with no problem and it was only about 15 minutes out of the way. Let me tell you....the buffalo wings were worth the drive all by themselves. Rick enjoyed their fine alcohol selectionMiss Kaitlin and I wanted to stop at the mall to do some shopping before we headed home. The two of us and RJ were able to get a record amount of shopping done in just about an hour. RJ even picked out his very own birthday outfit. He really picked out a cute one too. He's a manequin shopper like me. He saw it in the window and just HAD to have it.
Rick and Heidi had different plans. Here they are outside of Macy's.
RJ was thrilled to learn that they have a ride on choo choo train by the food court. The poor woman who ran the ride had to blow the train whistle every time it went around. I'm sure that is a fine college education put to good use.
We had to stop and fill up the car with gas so that everyone could get drinks for the ride home. Much to my pleasure the gas station was right next to the giant ketchup bottle statue that Rodney wanted his picture taken by.
We had such a good time as a family of FIVE that we decided to invite Miss Kaitlin with us to go to Holiday World in a couple weeks. I think she is more excited than anybody!


lindemrm said...

Adopting Kaitlin is about the only way I plan to have a 5-person family any time in the future...

amberlindemann said...

Oh good night, no kidding!

That's totally what I meant!

I just meant I liked having her around.


cfarley said...

The picture or Rick and Heidi is priceless.
The anticipation to see RJ in his "birthday outfit" is killing me. Now he is my kind of man, sees it and knows what he wants!
Now, I have been following the blog this summer and am now going to ask the question.....Does Miss Kaitlin HAVE a family of her own??? I would say she is officially yours. And you are lucky to have her.

Sarah D said...

Anyone who gets a Diel girl is pretty lucky.

Looks like you guys had agreat time.

I can't wait to see RJ's outfit. Did you mention Macy's?? Hope you did not get your fill. Remember we have to visit while in E-ville in a couple of weeks!

Ashley & Evan said... mean to tell me there was no buffalo wing contest at Growler's? I just don't know Amber. :=)

Amanda M said...

The ketchup bottle just had a birthday party last weekend. I don't remember how old he is, but it was a huge event!

Nancy said...

Kaitlin has the best job ever!!
And Rodney.. wow.. what does he do to get such special treatment??