Thursday, July 17, 2008

The new Dinosaur Exhibit at the Zoo

We had heard about the new dinosaur exhibit at the zoo and the kids were really looking forward to it. Mainly RJ. He couldn't wait! We headed into the exhibit and it wasn't crowded at all. The dinosuars were making little noises and they moved their heads, mouths, and eyes. Very cool!RJ and Heidi enjoyed the "long neck" dinosuars
This was one of RJ's favorites....
and Rodney's too.....
This dinosaur would "spit"/spray water on you as you walked by. RJ and Heidi just thought that was hysterical!
This dinosaur just grabbed Rodney right out of Rick's pocket and tried to eat him! Rick managed to wrestle him out of it's mouth though before he got eaten.
Heidi and Kaitlin making sure the dinosaur didn't grab Rodney again

This is the dinosaur that RJ and Heidi call the "Blonkers". Becuase they hit each other with the tops of their heads.

RJ with the T-Rex

There eas an excavation area were the kids were able to uncover dinosaur bones in the sand with paint brushes. This was one of Heidi's favorite things to do.

Heidi sifting through the sand looking for fossils

admiring her find. She was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to take them with her

RJ with different types of dinosaur teeth
RJ with fossilized dinosaur "droppings". He picked it up before he knew what it was.
RJ and Rick watched a 3-D dinosaur movie. The seats in the theatre moved along with the movie. RJ didn't hate it. Although I don't know that he would have watched it again. When he came out, he did mention, that those glasses that he wore, made it seem like the dinosaurs were actually gonna get him.
We really enjoyed the zoo and the dinosaur exhibit. Our next stop was shopping at the mall. Pictures to follow......


Ashley & Evan said...

That is such an awesome exhibit! I love that the kids can do an excavation. It makes me want to hop a flight just so I can go to the zoo!